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High-Throughput Protein Expression

Strategies for Successful Outcomes

May 2-3, 2013

The steps required to prepare an expression system prior to scale-up have been plagued with difficulties through the past decades. Methods for testing the system parameters, including temperature, HT selection and fine-tuning of hosts, clones, culture media and containers are constantly being introduced, and then go by the wayside as they fail to meet expectations. Novel methods and strategies are crucial to successfully prepare the elements needed. This conference will provide the latest strategies and techniques to make this stage of the protein expression process more effective and efficient.

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High-Throughput Clone Selection 

1:30 Chairperson's Remarks

Andrew M. Bradbury, Ph.D., Research Scientist and Team Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory

» 1:40 KEYNOTE: 

Novel Technologies to Enable High-Throughput Expression

Govind RaoGovind Rao, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for Advanced Sensor Technology, University of Maryland

Everybody wants high throughput, but what is the best approach to produce proteins of consistent quality? We will explore technologies that enable small scale process monitoring and control to arrive at the desired outcome. In addition, we will present strategies that leverage advances in micro-scale bioprocessing to make proteins on demand.

2:10 Filtering "Genic" Open Reading Frames from Genomic DNA by Antibiotic Selection

Sarah D'AngeloSarah D'Angelo, Ph.D., Researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory

The availability of ORF libraries obtained with β-lactamase-based filtering method, combined with phage display and protein-protein interaction studies,or with protein structure determination projects, can lead to identification and structural determination of functional genic ORFs. ORF libraries represent a useful tool to proceed towards high-throughput functional annotatation of newly sequenced genomes.

2:40 High-Throughput Protein Production Within the Swedish Human Protein Atlas Project

Hanna Tegel, Division of Proteomics, Royal Institute of Technology

3:10 Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing

4:00 Problem Solving Breakout Discussions

Concurrent problem solving breakout discussions, open to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, provide a forum for discussing key issues and meeting potential collaborators. Plan to take part and explore these topics in-depth. Please pick a topic of your choice, find your table and join in.

Making ORF libraries to locate and identify functional protein domains

Moderator: Sara D’Angelo, Ph.D., BioSciences Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

   •  ORF filtering methods
   •  Creating ORF libraries: prokaryotic vs eukaryotic genomes
   •  Assessing the efficiency of ORF filtering
   •  Identifying and selecting ORFs with desired properties

Exploring the promise and limits of microfluidic automation for HT protein expression

Moderator: Saurabh Vyawahare Ph.D.,Director, Microfluidics Lab, Princeton University

   •  Current state of art and limitations
   •  Choosing appropriate automation tools and equipment
   •  Brainstorm ideas to remove automation bottlenecks

Optimizing High Throughput Protein Expression

Moderator: Barry Cooperman, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

   •  Optimizing codon usage
   •  Optimizing protein cofactors - initiation, elongation, termination, ribosome recycling
   •  Optimizing tRNA - sources, modification, composition
   •  Read out - yield, functional activity

Implementing engineering principles in high throughput approaches for high yield and consistent scalable protein expression

Moderator: Peter Neubauer, Ph.D., Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering, TU Berlin

   •  Implementing Design of experiments
   •  Consistent application of the fed-batch technology
   •  Introducing large-scale phenomena during High throughput

5:00 End of Day

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