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Digital Course: Engineering of Bispecific Antibodies  

Engineering of Bispecific Antibodies CoverEngineering of Bispecific Antibodies Digital Course

April 29, 2012

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Current investigation of monoclonal antibody (mAb) combinations and discovery of next generation of therapeutics has renewed interest in strategies for dual-targeting to improve therapeutic efficacy. However, due to challenges with production, efforts directed toward the development of these molecules frequently highlight issues that hinder momentum to the clinic. The broad timeline between conception and bedside application of the molecules implies that the strategies for constructing therapeutic bispecific molecules may not follow the traditional approaches with mAbs. This intermediate-advanced digital course is structured to provide an overview of these molecules with a focus on the current obstacles and proposed alternatives that may push bispecifics to a faster discovery and development time.



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The Evolving Arena of Bispecific Antibodies

  • Rationale for "resurgence" of these molecules
  • Current state-of-the-art
  • Breaking down engineering challenges


Raffi Tonikian, Ph.D., Scientist I, Protein Engineering, Biogen Idec
Biography: Raffi Tonikian is a Scientist in the Department of Protein Engineering at Biogen Idec. His work primarily involves selecting and screening antibody libraries for the discovery of antibody-based therapeutics for immune and neurobiological disorders. He is also interested in structure-guided affinity maturation of antibodies isolated from natural or synthetic libraries. Moreover, he is developing strategies for the isolation of antibodies from natural donors through immune repertoire sequencing using next-generation sequencing. Raffi received his doctorate degree from the University of Toronto, where he used peptide phage display libraries to identify specificity profiles for signaling domains, which led to the mapping of large-scale protein interaction networks in several model organisms. During that time, he also spent nearly two years at Genentech, Inc. as a Visiting Scientist in the Department of Protein Engineering. Dr. Tonikian performed his postdoctoral work under the auspices of Dr. Sachdev Sidhu, where he developed and utilized phage-displayed libraries to isolate antibodies against cancer related antigens. In addition, he worked on the development of antibody-DNA conjugates as biomarker detection reagents.

About the Conference:
Cambridge Healthtech Institute is proud to present the Eighth Annual PEGS, protein engineering summit. Topics span from early stage discovery of new methods for protein expression and antibody engineering, to improved analytical techniques, and clinical results in the most promising areas of biotechnology. This event captures the tremendous momentum and investment in biologics, and offers a comprehensive look at recombinant proteins and antibodies and novel constructs.