Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 9th Annual

Biophysical Methods

Characterizing and Optimizing the Physical Properties of Proteins in the Research and Development of Next-Generation Biologics

May 12-13, 2021


Biophysical analytical methods are now playing an increasingly important role in the discovery and development of next-generation biotherapeutics, and these tools are applied for developability evaluation, structural characterization, understanding aggregation and as important inputs at different stages of R&D. New informatics and instruments are increasingly allowing these methods to be used in a quantitative, rather than qualitative way – and biophysical studies now play a key role in regulatory filings. The PEGS Biophysical Methods conference brings together an international audience of protein scientists and analytical specialists to explore the latest technologies and methods for problem solving in this dynamic field.


Coverage will include, but is not limited to:


Accelerating Discovery Stage Characterization Studies

  • Case studies of rapid development for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments
  • Regulatory considerations for accelerated development programs
  • Technologies for minimizing sample consumption

Challenges in Biophysical Analysis

  • Developability analysis
  • Testing for process- and product-related impurities
  • Viscosity prediction

Emerging Methods and Instruments

  • Methods for in-line and on-line process monitoring
  • Higher throughput tools for epitope binning
  • Molecular dynamics and molecular simulation

Modeling and Machine Learning

  • Case studies – application of machine learning in biophysical analysis
  • Combining modeling and experimentation to understand how molecules behave with different stresses
  • Clinical correlation of predictive methods

New Applications for Mass Spectrometry

  • Applications for Multi Attribute Method (MAM) in characterization and quality control
  • Emerging methods for higher order structure (HOS) characterization
  • MS characterization for TCR and CAR T cell therapies

Particles and Aggregation

  • Early stage particle characterization
  • Measuring aggregation in AAV products
  • Predictive modeling for aggregation and particle formation


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