PEGS Boston Virtual Colleague Testimonials

"I was very impressed by the professionalism of the PEGS Virtual Summit and by the smooth transition to the new technology!"
Dario N., PhD, Full Professor, Chemistry & Applied Biosciences, ETH Zurich

"I found the conference to be a very good experience and I thought it went smoothly. Clearly you had thought this through, and planned well, and it showed. Congratulations on an excellent virtual event!"
Steve L., MD, Donna & Benjamin M. Rosen Chair, Lab Head, Molecular Pharmacology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

"I really enjoyed the interaction during the breakout sessions, where despite COVID-19, I had really nice topic discussions."
Rogier R., PhD, Principal Scientist, LUMICKS B.V.

"It was a great opportunity to join this top of the field meeting remotely and being able to take part in the latest news and results although I live in a small country far away and in a different time zone."
Susanne G., PhD, Senior Researcher, Structural Genomics Consortium

"PEGS is a perfect mix of leaders in academia and industry at the leading edge of molecular engineering and therapeutic design. The virtual platform enabled participants to build new interdisciplinary connections with other scientists from across the globe."
Jamie S., PhD, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

"PEGS shows the way forward in uncertain times. Provocative, relevant and challenging exchanges on a platform that allows the science to drive the conversation."
Ronan O., PhD, Senior Scientist, Immunocore

"The speed networking events were the buzz at the 2020 PEGS virtual event."
Richard P., Technical Sales Specialist, Teknova

"This conference was a delightful way for any protein nerd to spend a week."
Karen K., Scientist, Cyrus Biotechnology

"I think you and your team did an excellent job in setting-up such an event completely virtually and everything worked super-smoothly and I never experienced any problems. Huge congratulations to you and your team!"
Philipp S., PhD, CEO, Araris Biotech AG