PEGS Boston 2022 Participant Testimonials


“For me, the PEGS conferences are an important and continuous source to develop new ideas for research and product development. Every visit is a deep dive into a world full of science, insights, and ideas I can discuss with so many scientists establishing new collaborations and networks. Based on these interactions and ideas, PEGS has been the beginning for a significant number of new R&D projects in my career.”

 “I never thought I'd enjoy networking, but PEGS is full of welcoming, innovative, accomplished people. It's exciting to learn from them and share ideas.”

“This is the summit of biologics where you learn from their early discovery to clinical advancement, and future directions.”

“It was great to see people coming back together, and I was able to make many new contacts. Cannot wait to see where they go, and I will definitely be back next year.”


“It was a great experience to be back at in person conference at PEGS Boston 2022, the presentations were excellent, presenting a lot of novel research and highlighting the fantastic progress being made in biologics/cellular therapies. Highly recommend PEGS for future attendance.”

“PEGS was back in form this year with the in person event organized very well with all safety precautions. It was great to see many new and old colleagues and connecting with them. Short courses were a bonus!”

“#PEGS22 is THE opportunity to learn more about innovative approaches in the field of protein engineering.”

“I had a brilliant time attending #PEGS22. The conference gave me a unique opportunity to network with pharma companies from across the globe as well as hosting a wide range of speakers who are experts in their fields. I found it particularly interesting to see how the renaissance of machine learning in biology is being used to solve many problems including predicting affinity and immunogenicity of antibodies as well as protein structures using RoseTTAFold and Alphafold2.”

“A shout out to #PEGS22 , it was again an exceptional summit - so many new things learned, people met, conversations had - thank you, #pegsboston for hosting us.”

“PEGS offers a great opportunity to meet in person, something we very much missed over the last 2 years of the pandemic.”

“Particularly exciting for me was this year’s new conference stream on “Machine Learning Approaches for Protein Engineering”. Spearheaded by last year’s emergence of AlphaFold2, the field has seen tremendous progress in methods for structure prediction, antibody design, binder generation etc.”

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