P001: AlphaSeq: Rapidly and Quantitatively Measure the Affinities of Millions of Protein-Protein Interactions, Presented by David Y., A-Alpha Bio, Inc.

P002: Consistent, Long-Term PD1 Blockade Using a Syngeneic, Engineered Anti-PD1 Antibody: Superior Tools for Consistent and More Meaningful Immunotherapy Research, Presented by Michael F., Absolute Antibody Ltd.

P003: Fully Murine Knob-into-Hole Bispecific as Surrogate Molecule for Drug Development Models, Presented by Michael F., Absolute Antibody Ltd.

P004: Prometheus™: A Novel Approach for Engineering Manufacturable Humanized Antibodies, Presented by Michael F., Absolute Antibody Ltd.

P005: Applications for Hyperimmune, Autoimmune Transgenic Mice in Antibody Discovery, Presented by Colby S., Abveris

P006: Consistent Anti-Idiotype Antibody Discovery Enabled by Hyperimmune Mouse Technology, Presented by Colby S., Abveris

P007: Ultra-Rapid, High Resolution B Cell Screening Enabled by the Berkeley Lights Beacon, Presented by Colby S., Abveris

P008: Rapid Human Antibody Discovery Utilizing Ligand’s OmniRat® Platform and Berkeley Lights’ Beacon® Instrument, Presented by Patricia O., Aldevron

P009: Effects of Buffer Composition on Site Specific Glycation of Lysine Residues in Monoclonal Antibodies, Presented by Alex J., Amgen, Inc.

P010: Antibody's Developability Prediction with Machine Learning and a High Quality Data Set, Presented by Lei J., Amgen, Inc.

P011: A New Approach to Assess Minor HOS Changes with Circular Dichroism, Presented by Marc N., Applied Photophysics

P012: Build Better Antibodies Using Machine Learning and Synbio, Presented by Louise R., ATUM

P013: Novel Transposases for Cell Line Development, Presented by Pedram S., ATUM

P014: Directed Ligand Binding Technology for Functional GPCR Antibody Discovery, Presented by Xiaofeng L., AxioMx, an Abcam Company

P015: LinearDesign: Efficient Algorithms for Optimized mRNA Sequence Design, Presented by He Z., Baidu USA LLC

P016: A Novel Data-Independent-Acquisition (DIA) Approach to De Novo Antibody Sequencing, Presented by Jonathan K., Bioinformatics Solutions, Inc.

P017: TcBuster: Enhanced Non-Viral Gene Transfer, Presented by Bryan J., B-MoGen Biotechnologies, a Bio-Techne brand

P018: Qualification of Analysis of Biotherapeutics by Imaged Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (icIEF) and CE-SDS on Maurice Using Waters™ Empower® Software, Presented by Jessica D., ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

P019: A Single Platform for icIEF and CE-SDS Analysis of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) for Gene Therapy, Presented by Chris H., ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

P020: In-Capillary Immunoassay and Total Protein Detection for Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Proteins During Purification from Whole-Cell Lysate, Presented by Chris H., ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

P021: Accelerating Exploratory Correlative Analysis for CAR T-Cell Clinical Trials Through Integration of Clinical, Manufacturing, and Translational Data, Presented by Stefan P., Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

P022: Accelerating the Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies Using High Throughput SPR, Presented by Andrea M., Carterra

P023: A Novel HER2-Targeted Antibody-Drug Conjugate Offers the Possibility of Clinical Dosing at Trastuzumab-Equivalent Exposure Levels, Presented by Robyn B., Catalent Pharma Solutions

P024: First-in-Class Meets Best-in-Class: Rapid Antibody Discovery on Hard Targets Combined with Fine-Grained Engineering and Optimization, Presented by Katherine V., Charles River Laboratories

P025: Novel α-Galactosidase A Variants with Improved Stability and Efficacy, and Reduced Predicted Immunogenicity for the Potential Treatment of Fabry Disease, Presented by Marcus R., Codexis, Inc.

P026: CB307 - A Novel T Cell Costimulatory Humabody® VH Therapeutic for PSMA-Positive Tumours, Presented by Sophie A., Crescendo Biologics

P027: Neo-STAT™: A New Biologics Platform for Selective Targeting of Tumor-Specific T Cells With Enhanced Antigen Modularity, Presented by Ahmet V., Cue Biopharma

P028: Rabbit DimAb Technology Platform, Presented by Donghui M., DIMA BIOTECH

P029: Dyadic’s C1 Technology: Supporting the Global Combat Against SARS-CoV-2, Presented by Matthew J., Dyadic International, Inc.

P030: Development of a qPCR Assay for HHV-7 Monitoring, Presented by Manisha D., Eurofins Viracor Biopharma Services

P031: Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis (FIDA) for In-Solution Size-Based Characterization of Proteins, Presented by Morten P., FIDA Biosystems Aps

P032: Protein Liposome Binding Using the FIDA Technology: A New Approach for Membrane Protein Interactions, Presented by Morten P., FIDA Biosystems Aps

P033: Protein Engineering in FLT210, a Potent Next Generation AAV-hFVIII Vector Candidate, Presented by Fabrizio C., Freeline Therapeutics

P034: Comprehensive Characterization and Quantification of Low-Abundance Sequence Variants in a Standard Monoclonal Antibody, Presented by Arnd B., Genedata AG

P035: Increasing the Efficiency of Large-Molecule Discovery Workflows, Presented by Jana H., Genedata AG

P036: Industrializing Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Discovery Platforms, Presented by Jessy S., Genedata AG

P037: Efficient Data Processing Workflows for In-Depth, MS-Based Glycoanalysis of Biopharmaceuticals, Presented by Jonathan J., Genedata Ltd.

P038: Deep Learning Enables Easy Switching of HCS Modalities, From Small to Large Molecules and Between Human Donors, Presented by Thomas H., Genedata, Inc.

P039: End-to-End Workflow Platform for Integrated Biopharmaceutical Development, Presented by Andrew L., Genedata, Inc.

P040: A New Enterprise Software Platform for Efficient Large-Scale Antibody Characterization and Epitope Binning, Presented by Evan M., Genedata, Inc.

P041: A Holistic Approach to Comprehending the In Vivo Intact Stability of Novel Modalities Using LC-MS and Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Methods, Presented by Cong W., Genentech, Inc.

P042: Development of a Sensitive Assay to Measure Multimeric PEG in Cynomologus Monkey Serum, Presented by Nancy Y., Genentech, Inc.

P043: Probing Chain Pairing Preferences to Facilitate the Assembly of Bispecific IgG in Single Cells, Presented by Kamal J., Genentech, Inc.

P044: Optimizing Antibody Affinity Using Precisely Defined Synthetic DNA Mutant Libraries, Presented by Kimberly A., GenScript USA, Inc.

P045: Biologics for IND Application: CMC Platform by GenScript, Presented by Sasidhar M., GenScript USA, Inc.

P046: High Density (HD) Expression Platform, the One Stop Solution for Recombinant Antibody Production at GenScript, Presented by Bowu L., GenScript USA, Inc.

P047: Novel Solutions for HTP Antibody Purification Using Magnetic Beads, Presented by Nishant S., GenScript USA, Inc.

P048: CMC Study of Viral Vector in CAR-T, Presented by Leon S., GenScript USA, Inc.

P049: SMAB (Single-Domain Antibody Fused to Monoclonal Antibody) Bispecific Antibody: From Rational Design to Preclinical Development, Presented by Lan T., GenScript USA, Inc.

P050: Automated Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis with the HORIZON System, Presented by Rick G., Halo Labs

P051: Protein or Not? Advanced, High Throughput Subvisible Particle Characterization with Fluorescent ID, Presented by Rick G., Halo Labs

P052: HCAb Based Bispecific Immune Cell Engager (HBICE) Platform Enables Fast and Convenient Generation of the Next Generation Bispecific Antibodies with High Potency, Promising Safety Profiles and Excellent Developability, Presented by Wenhao Y., Harbour BioMed

P053: Novel Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting Human CCR8 Provide the Next Generation Immunotherapy for Cancer, Presented by Joe Z., Harbour BioMed

P054: The Strep-tag® Technology - Outstanding Performance from Purification to Analytic Applications, Presented by Dennis K., IBA GmbH

P055: Preclinical Efficacy and Safety of an Anti-Human VEGFA and Anti-Human NRP1 Dual-Targeting Bispecific Antibody (IDB0076), Presented by Jong-Hee K., ILDONG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

P056: Novel Tumor Microenvironment Activated Anti-Human CTLA-4 Antibody (TMEAbody®) Provides Anti-Tumor Efficacy and Reduced Systematic Toxicity, Presented by Renke L., IMMED Therapeutics Co., Ltd.

P057: Formulation Challenges with a New Class of TCR-Based Bispecific Fusion Protein (ImmTAC®), Presented by Elia G., Immunocore Ltd.

P058: A Versatile TCR-Based Immunotherapy Platform that Can Target Cancer, Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases, Presented by Marie M., Immunocore Ltd.

P059: The ImmTAAI® Platform: TCR Targeted Tissue Specific PD-1 Agonists to Treat Autoimmunity, Presented by Ronan O., Immunocore Ltd.

P060: Characterisation of Off-Target Peptide Repertoires for T Cell Receptors that Target the Cancer Testis Antigen NY-ESO-1[157-165]-HLA-A*02:01, Presented by Benjamin O., Immunocore Ltd.

P061: Energetic Mechanisms Underpinning Target Recognition of Engineered Affinity Enhanced TCRs for Cancer Immunotherapy, Presented by Ross R., Immunocore Ltd.

P062: Discovery of Claudin 6 and 18.2 Monoclonal Antibodies with Best-in-Class Specificity, Presented by Ross C., Integral Molecular

P063: High-Resolution Epitope Mapping Differentiates Monoclonal Antibodies in the Crowded Cancer Immunotherapy Space, Presented by Rachel F., Integral Molecular

P064: Screening the Membrane Proteome to Determine Antibody Specificity and De-Risk CAR-T Cell Development, Presented by Rachel F., Integral Molecular

P065: Lipoparticles Advance Antibody Discovery Against Challenging Multipass Membrane Protein Targets, Presented by David T., Integral Molecular

P066: Evaluation of Protein A Resins for Automated Workflows Utilizing Dispersive Solid-Phase Extraction, Presented by Patrick K., Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc. (IMCS)

P067: Automated Affinity Purification and Subsequent Buffer Exchange of Recombinant Proteins in a Single System, Presented by Huey N., Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc. (IMCS)

P068: Immunoengineered Therapeutic Platform for Selective Immune Cell Activation, Presented by Derek V., Johns Hopkins University

P069: L445P Mutation on Heavy Chain Stabilizes IgG4 Under Acidic Conditions, Presented by Changai X., Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.

P070: Particulate Impurities in Cell-Based Medicinal Products Traced by Flow Imaging Microscopy Combined with Deep Learning for Image Analysis, Presented by Adam G., Leiden University

P071: Transgenic Goats Expressing High Levels of Recombinant Human Fc in Milk, Presented by Nathan B., LFB USA, Inc.

P072: Finding the Needle in the Haystack: AbLink, a Novel Antibody Discovery Platform to Deeply Sample the Natural Immune Repertoire with Unprecedented Scale, Presented by Geqiang L., LinkedUp Bioscience, Inc.

P073: Development of a Simple Robust High Performance Platform Production Process for GS-CHO Cell Lines, Presented by Alexander R., Lonza

P074: eCHO™ Basal and Feed Medium: Maximize Your Protein Production, Presented by Nicole W., Lonza Verviers Sprl.

P075: Rapid Identification of Goldilocks CAR T Cells Using z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer, Presented by Zhong Y., Lumicks

P076: A Multi-Platform Comparison of High Sensitivity Multiplex Cytokine Assays, Presented by Kalidip C., MagArray, Inc.

P077: A Novel LBA Platform for Characterizing Binding Kinetics in Complex Biological Matrices, Presented by Danfeng Y., MagArray, Inc.

P078: Developability Assessment Platform to Select Antibody Intermediates for Bioconjugation, Presented by Pranoti S., Magenta Therapeutics

P079: A Comparison of Traditional Cloning Methods vs. CloneSelect™ Single-Cell Printer™ f.sight™ Using CHO Cell Lines Commonly Used for mAb Production, Presented by Shan L., Molecular Devices, LLC

P080: CodonAdjust: A Software for In Silico Design of a Mutagenesis Library with Specific Amino Acid Profiles, Presented by Tiffany N., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

P081: GPC3-Targeted Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cells Eliminate Liver Cancer in Mice, Presented by Dan L., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P082: Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells Targeting GPC2 for Treating Childhood Cancers, Presented by Nan L., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P083: Comprehensive Epitope/Paratope Mapping Using AlphaSeq: Efficient Generation of Data Sets, Presented by Michael W., Olympic Protein Technologies

P085: Antibody Characterization and Epitope Discovery by Combining Protein and Peptide Microarrays, Presented by Carsten H., PEPperPRINT GmbH

P086: Predicting NCE/NBE Outcome Screens with Human Derived Tissueoids Using AXTEX-4D™ platform, Presented by Sameena K., Premas Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

P087: "PRAK-03202" A D-Crypt™ Based, Highly Scalable Triple-Antigenic SARS CoV-2 Vaccine Candidate, Presented by Ruchir R., Premas Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

P088: A Homogenous PBMC ADCC Bioassay Enables Bridging Studies with ADCC Reporter Bioassays in Immunotherapy Monoclonal Antibody Development, Presented by Steve E., Promega Corporation

P089: Novel Bioluminescent Bioassays for the Discovery and Development of Molecular and Cellular T Cell Redirecting Cancer Therapies, Presented by Julia G., Promega Corporation

P090: Cell-Based Reporter Bioassays for Development of Fc-Functional and Fc-Silent SIRPα/CD47 Checkpoint Inhibitors, Presented by Jamison G., Promega Corporation

P091: Quantitative Cell-Based Bioassays to Advance Immunotherapy Programs Targeting Immune Checkpoint Receptors, Presented by Chris H., Promega Corporation

P092: A No-Wash, Rapid FcRn Immunoassay to Guide the Design and Development of Antibody Therapeutics, Presented by Jeff N., Promega Corporation

P093: Reproducible MOA-Reflecting Reporter-Based Bioassays to Enable Drug Development of Biosimilars and Biobetters, Presented by Vanessa O., Promega Corporation

P094: Rapid and Sensitive Determination of Cytokine Release from Cells Without Sample Transfer, Presented by Brad S., Promega Corporation

P095: Motif-Guided Design of an Antibody Library Targeting GPCRs, Presented by Francine L., ProteinQure, Inc.

P096: Using Hologram Symmetry in Addition to Refractive Index to Distinguish Particles Using Total Holographic Characterization®, Presented by Laura P., Spheryx, Inc.

P097: DiaCyt: A Platform Technology for the Discovery of Molecular Transport Systems for Delivery to the Central Nervous System, Presented by Kathlynn B., SRI International

P098: Robust Serum-Free Expansion of Human B Cells In Vitro with an Animal Component-Free Cell Culture Supplement, Presented by Mark B., STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.

P099: Enhancing Recombinant Protein Production Yields in the Periplasm of E. coli, Presented by Alexandros K., Stockholm University

P100: iLite Reporter Gene Assays for Quantification of Presence, Activity and Function of Your Drug Candidate, Presented by Therese S., Svar Life Science AB

P101: SynoAb: De Novo Designed Method, Presented by Aiguo X., Synbio Technologies

P102: Rapid Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies: Capturem High-Capacity Membranes, Presented by Yi Z., Takara Bio USA, Inc.

P103: Scalable Protein and AAV Production in the ExpiSf™ Expression System, Presented by Kenneth T., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P104: A Rapid and Reliable qPCR Based System to Quantitate HEK 293 Residual DNA for GMP Lot Release in Gene Therapy Manufacturing, Presented by Lisa Y., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P105: Two Synthetic GPCR Focused Antibody Libraries Yield Specific and Functional GPCR, Presented by Qiang L., Twist Bioscience

P106: Synthetic DNA Technologies Enable Single Domain Antibody Discovery Against SARS-CoV2 S1, Presented by Ana L., Twist Bioscience

P107: Fully Customizable Combinatorial Libraries for Focused Screens of Precise Variants, Presented by Lucy X., Twist Bioscience

P108: TAO: Twist Antibody Optimization of an Anti-PD-1 Antibody, Presented by Tom Y., Twist Bioscience

P109: Particle Characterization and Identification with Hound, Presented by Joe B., Unchained Labs

P110: Automate Buffer Exchange to Fast Track Formulation Development and Optimization, Presented by Donna C., Unchained Labs

P111: Take Low Volume Protein Quantification Anywhere with Performance Verification on Big Lunatic, Presented by Nelis D., Unchained Labs

P112: AAV Genome Ejection, Capsid Stability, Aggregation, and Titer with High-Throughput Screening on Uncle, Presented by Kevin L., Unchained Labs

P113: In Vivo Stability of Therapeutic Proteins, Presented by Joachim S., University of Basel

P114: PTM-TRAPs, a New Protein Engineering Platform to Generate Binders for Post-Translational Modification on Native Proteins, Presented by Xin Z., University of California, San Francisco

P115: Characterization of the Ligand Binding Domain of Integrin αXβ2 and Its Molecular Interaction with an Antagonist, Presented by Pragya M., University of Houston

P116: Pharmacodynamic Mapping and Quantification of Bystander Payload Tissue Penetration with Single-Cell Resolution, Presented by Eshita K., University of Michigan

P117: Engineering Polymer-Binding Bispecific Antibodies for Enhanced Pretargeted Nanoparticle Drug Delivery to Mucosal Surfaces, Presented by Justin H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

P118: Anti-PEG Antibody Structure Reveals an Open Ring Motif that Captures Highly Flexible PEG Polymers, Presented by Justin H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

P119: Site-Specific Linking of an Oligonucleotide to Mono- and Bivalent Recombinant Antibodies with SpyCatcher-SpyTag System for Immuno-PCR, Presented by Anastasiia K., University of Turku

P120: Highly Sensitive Protein Aggregation Assay in a High Throughput Format, Presented by Emmiliisa V., University of Turku

P121: Localization of Therapeutic Fab-CHP Conjugates to Sites of Denatured Collagen for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Presented by Keith A., University of Utah

P122: Tracking the Structural Changes and Allosteric Mechanisms of IgM Throughout Antigen Binding and Complement Activation, Presented by Michael W., University of Washington

P123: Use of Mammalian Virus Display to Select Antibodies Specific for Complex Membrane Antigens, Presented by Ernest S., Vaccinex, Inc.

P124: A Physicochemical Approach to Characterizing Antibody-Drug Conjugates Through Stability into Target Validation, Presented by Colette Q., Waters Corporation

P125: A Computational Approach to Predict Off-Target Peptide Selectivity of pMHC Targeting Therapeutics, Presented by Dora W., A2 Biotherapeutics

P126: Comprehensive Discovery of Single-Domain Antibodies for the Entire Human Exoproteome, Presented by Feimei L., Yale University

P127: Selection, Engineering and In Vitro Characterization of CD3-Specific DNA Aptamers, Presented by Cecile B., Rexgenero France

P128: In Vivo Targeted Delivery of Functional Anti-CD19 CARs in Human Lymphocytes with Chemically Encapsulated Lentiviral Vectors as an Alternative to Ex Vivo CAR T-Cell Therapies, Presented by Frederic M., Rexgenero France