P001: Prometheus 2.0™: Engineering Manufacturable Humanized Antibodies from Diverse Sources Including Rabbit, Avian and Camelid Antibodies, Presented by Michael F., Absolute Antibody

P002: Sequencing and Expression of Monoclonal Antibodies from a Polyclonal Goat Antibody Sample, Presented by Michael F., Absolute Antibody

P003: Advanced Antibody Discovery Workflow to Capture Maximum Repertoire Diversity, Presented by Gary N., Abveris Antibody

P004: In Vivo VHH Discovery Workflow Based on Immunized Alpaca and Rapid Beacon-Based Single B Cell Screening, Presented by Gary N., Abveris Antibody

P005: Accelerated High-Throughput Expression of Antibodies in Yeast, Presented by Julia B., Adimab LLC

P006: Real-Time Monitoring of TCR T Cell Killing Efficacy, Specificity, and the Impact of Metabolic Preconditioning, Presented by Brandon L., Agilent Technologies

P007: Affinity Protein Purification Using Chromalite™ MIDA, Presented by Jurgen M., AIC, an LBB Specialties Company

P008: High Affinity Single Domain Antibodies Against BCMA from Akeagen CaMouse™ Mice, Presented by Libin C., Akeagen, Inc.

P009: XPAT, a Novel Protease-Activated Prodrug T Cell Engager (TCE) with Proteolytic Cleavage in Xenograft Tumors, Potent T Cell Activation, and Efficacy in Solid Tumor Models, Presented by Milton T., Amunix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

P010: Inducing Complete and Long-Lasting Tumor Eradications of a Nectin-4 ADC Generated with a Novel Peptide Linker Technology, Presented by Philipp S., Araris Biotech AG

P011: MicroED: Cryo-Electron Diffraction of 3D Microcrystals, Presented by Kyle S., Arizona State University

P012: PRe-ART - Creating Synthetic Replacements for Reagent Antibodies, Presented by Anupama C., Aston University

P013: Monomeric Fc Applications in Biologics Therapeutics, Presented by Net H., AstraZeneca

P014: Development of Computational Approaches for the Design of Binding Proteins for Target Antigens, Presented by Varun C., Auburn University

P015: Effects of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Mutations on the Immune System of Ethnic Groups, Presented by Sumaiya I., Auburn University

P016: Enabling Antibody Discovery and Development for R&D Success, Presented by Megan J., Azenta Life Sciences

P017: A Novel EpCAM-Targeting CD3/4-1BB Trispecific Antibody with Potent T-Cell Recruitment Activity Against Solid Tumors, Presented by Dongxiao F., Beijng Immunoah Pharma Tech Co., Ltd.

P018: Preclinical Safety and Immunological Efficacy of Sytalizumab, an Anti-4-1BB Agonistic Antibody Against Solid Tumors, Presented by Dongxiao F., Beijng Immunoah Pharma Tech Co., Ltd.

P019: Pre-Clinical Study of IMB071703, a 4-1BB Fab Fused CD40L Bi-Functional Molecular, Presented by Dongxiao F., Beijng Immunoah Pharma Tech Co., Ltd.

P020: Anti-Tumor Effects and Safety of a Non-Blocking Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Human CTLA-4, Presented by Xiujie P., Beijng Immunoah Pharma Tech Co., Ltd.

P021: A Rapid High-Throughput Workflow for TCR Discovery on Solid Tumors with Functional Verification, Presented by Suhagi B., Berkeley Lights, Inc.

P022: Tumor Targeted Delivery of TLR7 Agonists for the Treatment of Cancer, Presented by Siteng F., Binghamton University, State University of New York

P023: Ultra High Throughput pHLA Screen, Presented by Johannes W., BioCopy GmbH

P024: A Facile Immunopeptidomics Workflow for Capturing the HLA-I Ligandome with PEAKS XPro, Presented by Kyle H., Bioinformatics Solutions, Inc.

P025: Faster Generation of Anti-Drug Antibodies Using SpyTag Technology, Presented by Mareike R., Bio-Rad Laboratories

P026: The Pioneer Library - A New Player in the Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Space, Presented by Francisco Y., Bio-Rad Laboratories

P027: Protein Toolbox for Production and Characterization, Presented by Aimee C., Biosynth Carbosynth

P028: Inline-Tandem Purification of Viruses from Cell Lysate by Agarose-Based Chromatography, Presented by Mikael AS., Bio-Works Sweden AB

P029: High-Throughput Small Scale Antibody Purification and Initial Characterization in BIPI, Presented by Zhong-Fu H., Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

P030: Identification and Characterization of Pan-Variant RBD-Specific Antibodies, Presented by Cameron P., Bruker Scientific

P031: Improving the Screening, Selection and Deep Characterization of Biotherapeutic Molecules Using High-Throughput SPR, Presented by Chris S., Carterra

P032: Methods in Citrullination and Analysis of Recombinant Human Histones, Presented by Colin M., Cayman Chemical

P033: Off-Target Assessment of Biotherapeutics for Use During Pregnancy via Retrogenix Cell Microarray Technology, Presented by Nick B., Charles River Laboratories

P034: Functional Evaluation of Unique Anti-PDL1 Antibodies Generated Through Single Plasma B Cell Cloning on the Beacon® Platform Versus a Standard Hybridoma Approach, Presented by Neha Y., ChemPartner

P035: Stheno: A Novel Thermo-Responsive Virus-Like-Particle (VLP), Presented by Mario A., Cleveland State University

P036: Automating Protein Synthesis from Digital Sequence on the BioXp™ System, Presented by Jasmine H., Codex DNA, Inc.

P037: Combining Machine Learning and Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI): A Case Study in Comparing and Classifying Different Types of Biopharmaceutically Relevant Particles, Presented by Ana L., Coriolis Pharma Research GmbH

P038: Measuring Therapeutic Antibodies from Microliter Sample Volumes on the PIXI Immunoassay Platform, Presented by Samuel T., Correlia Biosystems

P039: CB307: A Novel T-Cell Costimulatory Humabody® VH Therapeutic for PSMA-Positive Tumours, Presented by Colette J., Crescendo Biologics Ltd.

P040: Precision Modulation of Immune Activation to Overcome Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapy by mRNA Display Enabled mRNADis™ and mSCAFold™ Technology Platform, Presented by Jenna N., Elpis Biopharmaceuticals

P041: Fluoropolymer Single Use Technologies to Enable New Generation of Cell and Gene Therapy, Presented by Xiaohui C., Entegris, Inc.

P042: Quantify Antibody-Dependent Cell Phagocytosis (ADCP): Application of a Robust, Non-Radioactive KILR Cytotoxicity Platform, Presented by Gaurav A., Eurofins DiscoverX

P043: Implementing MOA-Reflective ADCC Assays Using Ready-to-Use KILR Target and Effector Cells from Screening to Lot Release, Presented by Debatri C., Eurofins DiscoverX

P044: Novel, Improved Cell-Based Assays to Enable Immunotherapy Drug Development for Checkpoint Receptors, Presented by Jane L., Eurofins DiscoverX

P045: Biophysical Characterization and Developability Workflows in Biotherapeutics Discovery, Presented by Andreia M., Fairjourney Biologics SA

P046: Each New Target and Biology Merit a “One Does Not Fit All” Solution, Presented by Maria P., Fairjourney Biologics SA

P047: High-Throughput Detergent Screening for Membrane Protein Solubilization Using Nanoliters of Sample, Presented by Mays H., Fida Biosystems ApS

P048: Rapid Sizing and Characterization of Bispecific Antibodies, Presented by Mays H., Fida Biosystems ApS

P049: Using FO-SPR to Select for Nanobodies in Phage Display, Presented by Dagmara M., FOx BIOSYSTEMS NV

P050: Developing User-Friendly Cell Culture Media, Presented by Tom F., FUJIFILM

P051: HMSP Growth Media Significantly Improve HEK293 Growth and Production of AAV2, Presented by Omid T., FUJIFILM

P052: Comparison of Gator BLI and Progen ELISA for Quantitation of AAV Serotypes, Presented by Chip S., Gator Bio

P053: Industrializing Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Discovery Platforms, Presented by Matthew P., Genedata AG

P054: Predicting Subcutaneous Injection Site Reactions Using Immunocompetent Ex Vivo Human Skin and Artificial Intelligence, Presented by Yolaine R., Genoskin, Inc.

P055: Transglycosylation of Human IgG for Fc N-Glycan Remodeling and Site-Specific Conjugation, Presented by Camilla S., Genovis, Inc.

P056: A Simple, Scalable and Cost-Effective Solution for Automated Medium to High Throughput Antibody and Protein Purification, Presented by Sean T., GenScript USA, Inc.

P057: Ginkgo Bioworks: Protein Engineering at Scale, Presented by Shurong H., Ginkgo Bioworks

P058: Characterize mAb Stability from Cell Line Development Through Product Release with Aura, Presented by Bernardo C., Halo Labs

P059: Counting, Sizing, Imaging, and Identifying AAV and Cell Therapy Product Aggregates, Presented by Bernardo C., Halo Labs

P060: Multabodies: Ultrapotent Biologics Resilient to Viral Escape, Presented by Arif J., Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

P061: Plant-Made Antibodies Show Superior Glycosylation Homogeneity While Retaining Pharmacokinetic Properties, Presented by Rachel J., iBio, Inc.

P062: Engineering ISB 1442, a First-in-Class 2+1 Biparatopic Multispecific Antibody that Targets both CD38 and CD47, as a Treatment for Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma and Other CD38-Positive Hematologic Malignancies, Presented by Carole E., Ichnos Sciences SA

P063: Unbiased Single Cell Sequencing of IgE Producing B Cells Yields High Affinity Fel d 1 Antibodies (mAbs), Presented by Jessica G., IgGenix, Inc.

P064: Global Screening of CD8 and CD4 T Cell Epitopes Using Yellow Fever Virus (YFV) as a Model System, Presented by Soren B., ImmunAware

P065: Characterization of a TCR-Like Antibody for Next Generation Cancer Therapeutics, Presented by Sune J., Immunitrack ApS

P066: Selective Affinity-Enhanced T Cell Receptor Bispecific Targeting of KRAS[G12D] Neoantigen Driven Cancers, Presented by Miriam H., Immunocore Ltd.

P067: The Use of In Vitro Assays to Assess and Measure Gene Therapy Immunogenicity, Presented by Sofie P., ImmunXperts SA

P068: High Throughput Conformational Epitope Mapping of HER2/Herceptin with Single Amino Acid Level Resolution Using Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting, Presented by Faraz C., Immuto Scientific, Inc.

P069: GenoScaler™: High-Throughput Strain Engineering for Protein Expression and Beyond, Presented by Andrew G., Infinome Biosciences

P070: High-Throughput Synthetic Antibody Discovery at the Institute for Protein Innovation, Presented by Anita G., Institute for Protein Innovation

P071: High-Throughput Purification Methodology for Antibody Discovery Using Engineered Protein A, Presented by Roushu Z., Institute for Protein Innovation

P072: Specificity of Antibodies Against Highly Conserved Membrane Protein Claudin 6, Driven by a Single Atomic Contact Point, Presented by Ross C., Integral Molecular

P073: Lipoparticles Advance Antibody Discovery Against Challenging Multipass Membrane Protein Targets, Presented by Benjamin D., Integral Molecular

P074: High-Resolution Epitope Mapping Differentiates Monoclonal Antibodies in the Crowded Cancer Immunotherapy Space, Presented by Rachel F., Integral Molecular

P075: Screening the Membrane Proteome to Determine Antibody Specificity and De-risk CAR-T Cell Development, Presented by Michael P., Integral Molecular

P076: Automated Workflow for Purification and Buffer Exchange of Low-Endotoxin Plasmid DNA, Presented by Jordan C., Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS)

P077: Affinity Purification Followed by Buffer Exchange Using INtip dSPE on an Automated Liquid Handler for High Throughput Protein Purifications, Presented by Todd M., Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS)

P078: Preclinical Activity and Safety Profile of JANX007, a Novel PSMA-Targeting Tumor-Activated T Cell Engager for Treatment of Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, Presented by Shahram S., Janux Therapeutics

P079: Preclinical Development of an EGFR-Targeted Tumor-Activated T Cell Engager with Enhanced Safety to Activity Multiple and Pharmacokinetics Profile, Presented by Shahram S., Janux Therapeutics

P080: Advancing Point-of-Care Testing for Patient Immunity Against SARS-CoV-2 Using an Engineered Antibody-Enzyme Fusion Protein, Presented by Elissa L., Johns Hopkins University

P081: Engineering Multiparatopic Downregulating Antibodies to Manipulate PD-L1 Receptor Trafficking, Presented by Seth L., Johns Hopkins University

P082: Engineering a Regulatory T Cell Biased Cytokine/Antibody Fusion Protein for Autoimmune Disease Therapy, Presented by Derek V., Johns Hopkins University

P083: FIDA, DSF, BLI, DLS Orthogonal Quad Data for Biophysical Characterization of Higher Order Protein Interactions and Stability Analysis, Presented by Sharath M., Kemp Proteins

P084: Novel Bispecific Antibodies that Concurrently Target Efflux Pump Extracellular Domains and Tumor Associated Antigens, Presented by Robert A., Kenjockety Biotechnology, Inc.

P085: Discovery and Development of Novel Antagonistic Antibodies Against Efflux Pump Extracellular Domains, Presented by Raffaella B., Kenjockety Biotechnology, Inc.

P086: An Internalizing Antibody Targeting of Cell Surface GRP94 Effectively Suppresses Tumor Angiogenesis of Colorectal Cancer, Presented by Sukmook L., Kookmin University

P087: Design of a Novel Affibody-Based Prodrug Against EGFR for Cancer Therapy, Presented by Anna M., KTH Royal Institute of Technology

P088: Site-Specific Photoaffinity Antibody Labeling, Presented by Abel N., KTH Royal Institute of Technology

P089: Engineering High-Affinity Lectenz® Reagents for the Detection and Analysis of Carbohydrates, Presented by Shaza A., Lectenz Bio

P090: Development of Purification Steps to Remove Low Molecular Weight Impurities, Presented by Qian Chen Y., Pelican Expression Technology

P091: Antibody Discovery with OmniTaur™: Cow-Inspired Antibodies with a Humanized Framework, Presented by Vivian H., OmniAb, Inc.

P092: Heavy Chain-Only Antibodies from Chickens: The OmniDab Platform, Presented by Christine V., OmniAb, Inc.

P093: Cellular Avidity as an Emerging Biomarker for Candidate Selection of Cell-Based Immunotherapies, Presented by Justin M., LUMICKS

P094: STR: The First and Only Truly Silent Fc Technology, Presented by Ian W., mAbsolve

P095: Utilizing a Streamlined Automated Workflow to QC Baculovirus Expression, Presented by Andrea P., Merck & Co., Inc.

P096: Generative Modeling Leveraging Deep Learning for Antibody Affinity Tuning: DeepGA, Presented by Yara S., Merck & Co., Inc.

P097: Optimizing Single-Domain Antibodies (VHHs) Screening and Sequence Optimization Through In-Silico Developability Prediction Approaches, Presented by Darren T., Merck & Co., Inc.

P098: The Future (Present) of Structure-Guided Drug Discovery: Cryo-EM in Industry, Presented by Kenny K., NanoImaging Services

P099: Establishment of a Screening Platform to Identify Crucial Signaling Molecules that Control Cold Tumor Formation via Immune Evasion and Exclusion, Presented by Wen-Jye L., National Health Research Institutes

P100: Shark VNAR Single Domain Nanobody Broadly Neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 Variants Alpha Through Omicron, Presented by Jesse B., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P101: Engineered, Human Nanobody-Based CAR T Cells Targeting GPC3 Eliminate Tumors in Preclinical Models of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Presented by Aarti K., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P102: Camel V[H]H Single Domain Antibody-Based CAR-T Cells Targeting B7-H3 in Solid Tumors, Presented by Dan L., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P103: Preclinical Development of CAR T Cells Targeting GPC2 for Neuroblastoma, Presented by Nan L., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P104: Influence of NT-I7, an Engineered Long-Acting Interleukin-7, on CAR T Cell Therapy in Liver Cancer, Presented by Tianyuzhou L., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P105: Expression and Purification of Neuropathy Target Esterase, an Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Associated Protein, for Functional and Structural Studies, Presented by Yi H., National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

P106: Quantitation of Functional HLA and αCD28 Immobilized on Nanoparticles, Presented by Daniel D., NexImmune Inc

P107: LC-MS Method for Identification of Peptides Loaded on aAPC, AIM Nanoparticles, Presented by Elena B., NexImmune, Inc.

P108: Enzymatically Degradable Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) Derivatives for Suppressing Cellular Accumulation, Presented by Kazuki O., NOF Corporation

P109: Modified Histone Peptides Linked to Magnetic Beads Reduce Binding Specificity, Presented by Jenna M., North Carolina State University

P110: Optimizing Anti-NKG2D Receptor scFV Domain in an Anti-CD319 Bispecific T Cell Engager (BiTE), Presented by Wing C., Ohio State University

P111: Comprehensive Epitope/Paratope Mapping Using AlphaSeq - Compensatory Mutations, Presented by Michael W., Olympic Protein Technologies

P112: Using Deep Learning to Discover Functional Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 with Picomolar Binding Affinity, Presented by Ziwei L., Ordaos Bio

P113: Development of Native IgG-Like Bispecific Antibodies with PACbody™ and SPECpair™ Technology Platforms, Presented by Jack L., Phanes Therapeutics, Inc.

P114: Improving Transient CHO and HEK-293 Expression Systems with a Powerful Transfection Solution for High Protein Production Yields: FectoPRO®, Presented by Lynn-Marie L., Polyplus-transfection

P115: Beyond Antibodies: A Simplified Protein Modality for Targeting Solid Tumors, Presented by Rajika P., Poseidon LLC

P116: HiBiT: A Tiny Tag to Assess MOA-Based CAR-T Cell Potency, Presented by Mei C., Promega Corporation

P117: MoA-Based Potency Bioassays for Immunotherapy Programs Targeting the TIGIT/CD112R/CD226 Axis, Presented by Kai H., Promega Corporation

P118: Development of Bioluminescent No-Wash Fc Gamma Receptor Binding Immunoassay to Guide the Development of Antibody Therapeutics, Presented by Nidhi N., Promega Corporation

P119: Quantitative PBMC ADCC Bioassay and ADCC Reporter Bioassays for Immunotherapy and SARS-CoV-2 Monoclonal Antibody Development, Presented by Jeff N., Promega Corporation

P120: Reproducible, MoA-Reflecting Reporter-Based Bioassays to Enable Discovery and Development of Cytokine Therapeutics, Presented by Vanessa O., Promega Corporation

P121: Simplified and Automated Analysis of the Highly Glycosylated Therapeutic Protein Erythropoietin, Presented by Krisztina R., Protein Metrics, Inc.

P122: Rapid, Automated Analysis of EPO to Determine Glycosylation Profile and Abundances, Presented by St John S., Protein Metrics, Inc.

P123: Unraveling the Signaling Web in Stem Cell Differentiation via Automated Capillary-Based Western, Presented by Pouya A., ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

P124: MMS Evaluation of HOS for IgG Samples Spiked with BSA, Presented by David S., RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc.

P125: Discovery and Characterization of Silent CD8 Antibodies for Therapeutic Applications, Presented by Jonathan N., Repertoire Immune Medicines

P126: Engineering an Injectable CD8-Targeted IL-12 with Strong Anti-Tumor Immunity and Improved Therapeutic Window, Presented by Alvin P., Repertoire Immune Medicines

P127: A Penta-Aspartate Polyanionic Tract Improves Expression of a TPP1:K16ApoE Chimera, Presented by Anurag M., Rutgers University

P128: Salipro DirectMX™ Enables Discovery of Novel Therapeutics Against Ion Channels and GPCRs, Presented by Robin L., Salipro Biotech AB

P129: Samsung Biologics Bispecific Antibody Platform: A Novel Asymmetrical Structure for Therapeutic Antibodies, Presented by Daniel B., Samsung Biologics

P130: Accelerating Cell Line Development with an Efficient, Combined Platform Approach, Presented by Anthony F., Sartorius

P131: Identification and Characterization of an Anti-LTBP-TGFβ1 Inhibitory Antibody, Presented by Justin J., Scholar Rock, Inc.

P132: A Reporter Mouse Model Enabling Image-Based Evaluation of CD+ T Cell Dynamics in Immunocompetent Allografts, Presented by Dan F., Shanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc.

P133: AI-Designed Mutation-Resistant Broad Neutralization Antibodies Against Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Strains, Presented by Lurong P., Sino Biological US, Inc.

P134: Clinical Development of an Anti-Trop2 Antibody-Drug Conjugate for Treatment of Solid Tumors, Presented by Bill F., Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.

P135: Microfluidic Electrophoresis-Based Assessment of Adeno-Associated Virus Purity in Terms of Full and Empty Capsids, Presented by Adriana C., Brown University

P136: Mutational Screens Highlight Glycosylation as a Modulator of CSF3R Activity, Presented by Michael H., Stanford University

P137: A Multiplexed and Composable In Vivo DNA Assembly Platform, Presented by Sasha L., Stanford University

P138: Development of a Highly Sensitive ADCC iLite® Reporter Gene Assay with True MoA-Reflecting Properties, Presented by Therese S., Svar Life Science

P139: Quantification of ADCP Activity of Therapeutic Antibodies Using Engineered Effector Cells and Target Cells, Presented by Therese S., Svar Life Science

P140: GlycoConnect™ ADCs Based on Potent Topoisomerase 1 Inhibitor Exatecan (SYNtecan E™) Show Excellent Manufacturability, In Vivo Efficacy and Tolerability, Presented by Sander V., Synaffix

P141: Strategies for High-Titer Protein Expression Using the ExpiCHO and Expi293 Transient Expression Systems, Presented by Sam S., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P142: Machine-Learning Guided Mutagenesis for Directed Evolution of Recombinant Proteins, Presented by Mitsuo U., Tohoku University

P143: Next Generation Synthetic Libraries for Enzyme Engineering, Cell Therapy and Gene Editing Technologies, Presented by Tavneet G., Twist Bioscience

P144: Discovery of Pre-Clinical ADORA2A Antibody with Twist High Throughput Antibody Discovery Platform, Presented by Zhen H., Twist Bioscience

P145: Engineering Synthetic Multivalent VHH Antibodies at Scale, Presented by Ana L., Twist Bioscience

P146: Leveraging Synthetic Library of Libraries to Enable Effective Antibody Discovery Against High-Impact Targets, Presented by Emily S., Twist Bioscience

P147: Dual Reactivity of Disulfide Bridging Reagents for Antibody Bioconjugation, Presented by Alina C., University College London

P148: Mapping Structurally Significant Areas of G-CSF During Thermal Degradation with NMR, Presented by Mark-Adam K., University College London

P149: Trifunctional Dibromomaleimides for the Synthesis of Dual-Modality Antibody Conjugates, Presented by Yanbo Z., University College London

P150: Discovery and Characterization of Intracellularly Functional hnRNPA2B1 Specific Nanobodies for Live-cell Imaging and Target Protein Degradation, Presented by Azady P., University of Connecticut

P151: Tat-Dependent Export of Disulfide-Bonded Recombinant Proteins, Presented by Klaudia, University of Kent

P152: A Deep Sequencing Methodology for the Directed Evolution of Aggregation-Resistant Antibodies, Presented by Romany M., University of Leeds

P153: AAV Characterization by Multi-Wavelength Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Presented by Borries D., University of Lethbridge

P154: A Novel Rabbit Derived Single Domain Antibody-Drug Conjugate Against Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Presented by Frederico A., University of Lisbon

P155: Discovery of a Noncompetitive, Allosteric Synthetic Affibody Antagonist of TNFR1, Presented by MaryJane B., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

P156: Multivalent, Bispecific αB7H3-αCD3 Chemically Self-Assembling Nanorings (CSANs) Direct Potent T-Cell Responses to Medullobastoma, Presented by Carston W., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

P157: A Novel Biparatopic Antibody Causes HER2 Internalization and Cell Apoptosis, Presented by Filippo B., University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)

P158: Structural Basis for Bordetella Adenylate Cyclase Toxin Receptor Binding and Antibody-Mediated Neutralization, Presented by Jory G., University of Texas at Austin

P159: Prefusion-Stabilized SARS-CoV-2 S2-Only Antigen Provides Protection Against SARS-CoV-2, Presented by Ching-Lin H., University of Texas at Austin

P160: Engineering Potent TCR-Based T Cell Engagers for CMV Infection, Presented by Rebecca W., University of Texas at Austin

P161: Native Complex Membrane Antigen Expression on Poxvirus for Antibody Discovery, Presented by Angelica C., Vaccinex, Inc.

P162: VERAXA’s Screening Platform – Screening for Novel Functional Antibodies Using Microfluidics, Presented by Steffen R., VERAXA Biotech GmbH

P163: VERAXA’s ADC Platform- Efficient Site-Specific Bioconjugation at Any Position, Presented by Paul S., VERAXA Biotech GmbH

P164: ELSD Performance on Polysorbate Quantification in Infliximab Drug Products, Presented by Duanduan H., Waters Corporation

P165: The Folded Nanonet: Rapid Detection of COVID-19 Pathogenic Virus Without RTPCR, Presented by Sang Woo J., Yeungnam University

P166: YUMAB Antibody Technologies: Antibody Humanization by Rationale Design, Presented by David P., YUMAB GmbH

P167: ProTECT™, a Novel Antibody Platform for Integrating Tumor-Specific Immune Modulation and Enhancing the Therapeutic Window of Targeted Multispecific Biologics, Presented by Florian H., Zymeworks, Inc.

P168: Zymeworks Topoisomerase 1 Inhibitor ADC Platform: From Concept to Pipeline, Presented by Mark P., Zymeworks, Inc.

P169: A Fully Automated and Modular Microfluidic Screening Device for Accelerated Identification and Optimization of Antibodies, Cells and Proteins Is Presented, Presented by Martin M., Efficient Robotics GmbH

P170: Preclinical Efficacy and Safety Profiling Studies to Support Engineered Cell Therapies, Presented by Gemma M., Charles River Laboratories

P171: Analytical Approaches to Recombinant Covid-19 Vaccine CharacterizationPresented by Natalia K., BIOCAD

P172: Overcoming Fouling Challenges on the Fibro PrismA in Purification Workflows, Presented by Elbert S., Gilead Sciences

P173: N-Linked Glycan Characterization Using Software Mediated Orthogonal Assay Mass Spectrometry, Presented by Philip Y., GlaxoSmithKline

P174: Orthogonal HOS Similarity Assessment of Biosimilar Using Multi Spectroscopic Technique and Statistical Calculation, Presented by Taiji O., JASCO Corporation

P175: Progress Toward Reference Materials Based Upon Sub-Micrometer Particle Dispersions, Presented by Kurt B., National Institute of Standards and Technology

P176: Generation of Novel Recombinant Antibodies for Sensitive Detection of Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Presented by Byung-Gee K., Seoul National University

P177: Mirror-Image Streptavidin with Specific Binding to "Non-Natural" L-Biotin, Presented by Masatoshi S., Sysmex Corporation

P178: TavoSelect VHO Discovery Platform, Presented by Mark T., Tavotek Biotherapeutics

P179: An Etanercept O-Glycovariant with Enhanced Potency, Presented by Thomas B., U.S. Food and Drug Administration

P180: ACE2 Fusion Protein Binding Affinity to SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Variants, Presented by Alicia M., U.S. Food and Drug Administration

P181: Affimers as Tool Molecules to Selectively Modulate Platelet GPVI-Ligand Interactions, Presented by Ruigang X., University of Leeds

P182: A Multifaceted Approach to Generate Stabilized Multimeric TCR Proteins, Presented by Lee F., Zymeworks, Inc.

P183: Rapid and High-Throughput IgG Quantification in Cell Culture SupernatantPresented by Brian M., Valitacell Ltd.

P184: Premas D-Crypt™ Platform in Developing PRAK-03202, a VLP Based Vaccine Candidate Against SARS-CoV-2Presented by Nupur M., Premas Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

P185: Novel Transposases for Cell Line DevelopmentPresented by Surya K., ATUM

P186: GlycoT Therapeutics — Unparallel Platform for Fc-Glycan Specific Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Presented by Qiang Y., GlycoT Therapeutics



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