Poster Awards will be announced Tuesday at 11:45am  and Wednesday at 4:45pm

POSTER SESSION A: Monday – Tuesday (morning) 

A001: Selective IL-21 and IFN-a2 Immunocytokines Engineered Using the AlphaSeq Platform, Presented by Jeffrey A., A-Alpha Bio

A002: Design and Apply EGFR/c-Met/c-Met Trispecific Antibody for Cancer Therapy, Presented by Yue L., Ab Therapeutics, Inc

A003: Discovery of GPCR Antibody Agonists Using Functional Selection and Machine Learning, Presented by Lauren S., Abalone Bio

A004: Nanomolar VHH Binders of PD-L1 and Other Therapeutic Targets from the AbNano™ VHH Naive Library, Presented by Sam S., Abcore, a Fortis Life Sciences Company

A005: A Native Multi-Dimensional Monitoring Workflow for At-Line Characterization of mAb Titer, Size, Charge, and Glycoforms Heterogeneities in Cell Culture Supernatant, Presented by Wayne H., Agilent Technologies, Inc.

A006: XrossXeven: AI-Powered GPCR Protein Antigen De Novo Design, Presented by Patrick D., Ailux Biologics by XtalPi

A007: Harnessing IL-18BP Modulation for Enhanced Cancer Immunotherapy: Antibody Engineering Strategies and Therapeutic Potential, Presented by Li Z., Alector, Inc.

A008: 2D NMR for Higher Order Structure Assessment of Forced Degraded Monoclonal Antibodies, Presented by Sih Yao C., Amgen, Inc.

A009: Bridging the Synthesis Gap: Automated Fast-Flow Peptide Synthesis (AFPS) Enables High-Fidelity Production of Difficult-to-Express Proteins, Presented by Kyuto T., Amide Technologies, Inc.

A010: Quantification of the Antigen Density Activation Threshold for Targeted Immunotherapeutics, Presented by Lotta H., Antibody Analytics

A011: Antibody Humanization with Predictive Design, Presented by Sridhar G., ATUM

A012: Rapid Multiparametric Optimization of Antibody Using Yeast Autonomous Hypermutation, Presented by Jake H., Aureka Biotechnologies, Inc.

A013: Novel Signal Peptide Screening-Based Platform for Optimization of Recombinant Protein Production, Presented by Tero-Pekka A., Avenue Biosciences, Inc.

A014: Hypercell® Platform: High-Throughput Secretion-Based Single Cell Sorter and Its Application in Drug Discovery, Presented by Kyle N., Bioelectronica Corporation

A015: Cloning and Expression of a Multi-Subunit Protein Using the MultiBacMam Expression System, Presented by Timothy G., Biogen

A016: A Proven and Reliable Alpaca VHH Antibody Discovery Platform, Presented by Haoming Z., Biointron

A017: TrailBlazer: A Rapid Modular Antibody Assembly Platform, Presented by Miao L., Bio-Rad Laboratories

A018: Pioneer Platform: A Novel Biotherapeutic Antibody Discovery Platform, Presented by Francisco Y., Bio-Rad Laboratories

A019: Preclinical Characterization of a Highly Differentiated Pan-Allele Anti-SIRPa Antibody BSI-082 that Targets the Myeloid Immune Checkpoint, Presented by Mingjiu C., Biosion USA, Inc.

A020: Biotherapeutics for Animal Health, Presented by Ivan S., Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH

A021: Ultra-Large Scale Biomanufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Wave, Presented by Chi-Ming Y., Boston Institute of Biotechnology

A022: Accelerating Functional Antibody Therapeutics Development with Bruker's Beacon Optofluidic System, Presented by Leqian L., Bruker Scientific

A023: Relative Affinity Ranking of Recombinant Antigen-Specific Hits with Bruker’s Beacon Optofluidic System, Presented by Vincent P., Bruker Scientific

A024: Three Case Studies of HPLC-MALS and ddPCR Analytical Platform Methods to Support Biopharmaceutical Drug Products, Presented by Felipe B., Cambrex

A025: Large-Scale Characterization of Drug Candidates Against Transmembrane Receptors Using HT-SPR, Presented by Josh E., Carterra, Inc.

A026: MagDots: A Nanoparticle that Is Both Fluorescent and Magnetic for the Single Label Enrichment of Targeted Cells in Yeast Display Libraries, Presented by Mythreyi U., Core Quantum Technologies

A027: Discovery of High-Affinity Anti-Glycan Antibodies Using Glycoengineered Bacterial Vesicles, Presented by Weiyao W., Cornell University

A028: Immuno-STATs for Targeted Depletion of B Cells in Autoimmune Diseases, Presented by Nitin K., Cue Biopharma

A029: myTXTL Cell-Free Expression of Antibodies and Antibody Fragments, Presented by Nathan G., Daicel Arbor Biosciences

A030: Epitope Mapping Case Studies by Deep Mutational Scanning, Presented by Tiphanie P., Deeptope

A031: Mammalian Display Technology Platform for Therapeutic Lead Antibody Engineering, Presented by Donghui M., DIMA Biotechnology

A032: Generative AI Based Affinity Engineering of TCRs for Potent Soluble T Cell Engagers, Presented by Ross R., Etcembly

A033: Streamlined Antibody Drug Conjugate Production: A Holistic Approach to ADC Manufacturing, Presented by Dragan M., Eurofins CDMO Alphora, Inc.

A034: Advancing Therapeutics Targeting Inflammatory Cytokines with Functional Cell-Based Assays, Presented by Debatri C., Eurofins DiscoverX

A035: High Throughput Approaches for In Silico Developability, Production and Characterization in Antibody Discovery, Presented by Catia P., FairJourney Biologics SA

A036: Antibody Discovery and Characterization: A Multidimensional Approach for Next-Generation Therapeutics, Presented by Joao S., FairJourney Biologics SA

A037: Small Molecule Interactions with Membrane Proteins Using Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis, Presented by Mark K., Fida Biosystems

A038: Mammalian Display for Antibody Discovery, Presented by Richard M., Fusion Antibodies

A039: Future Fields' EntoEngine™: Revolutionizing Recombinant Protein Production with Transgenic Drosophila, Presented by Ela D., Future Fields

A040: Artificial Intelligence Automates the Assignment of Biacore SPR and Octet BLI Kinetic Binding Profiles for a Faster Characterization of Lead Series, Presented by Eriberto N., Genedata AG

A041: Fast and Efficient Evaluation of the Impact of IgG Fc N-Glycan Structure on Effector Functions, Presented by Camilla S., Genovis

A042: The FORGE™ Engine Discovers Novel Tissue-Targeting Moieties for Delivery of Antisense Oligonucleotides to Muscle, Adipose and Brain, Presented by Maya L., Gensaic

A043: Treatment of Solid Tumors with Antibody Drug Conjugates Targeting Aberrant O-Glycoproteins, Presented by Nisha S., GO Therapeutics

A044: Antibody CDR Design by Ensembling Inverse Folding with Protein Language Models, Presented by Diego D., GSK

A045: Addressing the Antibody Germline Bias and Its Effect on Language Models for Improved Antibody Design, Presented by Tobias O., GSK

A046: Anti-Inflammatory Clearance of Aß by a Chimeric Gas6 Fusion Protein, Presented by Gyunam J., Illimis Therapeutics

A047: High-Sensitive Immunopeptidomics for Identification of (Neo)antigens and Development of High-Efficient Biotherapeutics, Presented by Elise P., ImmuneSpec

A048: New Humanized Mouse as High-Performance Fully Human Antibody Generator with More Potent Anti-hTIGIT Antibody Identified, Presented by Yu Z., Immunocan

A049: Functional Evaluation of Immuno-Oncology Drug Candidates in Customized Bioassays, Presented by Sofie P., ImmunXperts, a Q2 Solutions Company

A050: Development of Cross-Reactive Immunological Material (CRIM) Assay for ENPP1 Deficiency, Presented by Di C., Inozyme Pharma

A051: High Throughput Development of High-Affinity Fabs and VHH Using Minimalistic Libraries, Presented by Andre T., Institute for Protein Innovation

A052: Preclinical Safety Assessment for Specificity of Biotherapeutics Using the Membrane Proteome Array, Presented by Rachel F., Integral Molecular

A053: CCR8 Antibody Drug Conjugates: Targeting Regulatory T Cells for Tumor Sensitization, Presented by Sharon W., Integral Molecular

A054: Early Cell Lines Development for Production of Therapeutic Molecules, Presented by Carlos S., FairJourney Biologics SA

A055: Predicting the Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Candidate Therapeutic Antibodies, Presented by Kaitlyn G., Jackson Laboratory

A056: Translational Humanized Models for Immunotherapy Drug Development, Presented by Mike K., Jackson Laboratory

A057: Revolutionizing Bispecific Antibody Manufacturing via Transposase-Mediated Insertions, Presented by Mohammad H., Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

A058: Increasing Therapeutic Antibody Production via Double Gene Expression Cassettes, Presented by Annabel J., Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

A059: GPCR VLPs and Nanodiscs for Drug Discovery, Presented by Jia C., Kactus

A060: Cell-Free Spectroscopy Techniques for Antibody/Antigen Production and Screening, Presented by Shakiba N., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A061: Pandemic Preparedness with ALiCE® - Scalable Eukaryotic Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Enables Ultra-Rapid Threat Response, Presented by Malene L., LenioBio GmbH

A062: Rapid Screening and Scaled Manufacture of Immunogenic Virus-Like Particles in a Tobacco BY-2 Cell Free Protein Synthesis System, Presented by James N., LenioBio GmbH

A063: Next Generation Binding: Measuring Cell Avidity to Fully Characterize Cell-Cell Interactions and Understand Mechanism of Action for Cellular Therapies, Presented by Russell M., LUMICKS

A064: 2MW3311: Combating Autoimmune Diseases by Depleting Pathogenic T Cells via Anti-CXCR6, Presented by Hsueh L., Mabwell Therapeutics

A065: PHAME - Therapeutic Antibodies Against Intractable Drug Targets, Presented by Konstantin H., Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

A066: Automated Workflow for Rank-Ordering Variants by Affinity Within a Yeast Surface Display Library, Presented by Derek V., Metaphore Biotechnologies, Inc.

A067: Enhancing Therapeutic Efficacy of Monoclonal Antibodies with Zinc Finger Nuclease-Mediated Knockout of the FUT8 Gene in CHOZN® Cell Lines, Presented by Amber P., MilliporeSigma

A068: CAR-T Cells Based on a TCR Mimic Nanobody Targeting HPV16 E6 for Treating Cervical Cancer, Presented by Zhijian D., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

A069: Direct Solubilization to Produce Active Neuropathy Target Esterase, an ER Membrane Associated Protein, for Functional and Structural Studies, Presented by Yi H., National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

A070: Single Domain Antibodies as Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Carbonic Anhydrase IX, Presented by Majida E., National Research Council Canada

A071: Development of a ‘Switchable’ Yeast for Antibody Discovery, Presented by Gregory B., Neochromosome, Inc.

A072: Automated Purification of Proteins from NEBExpress Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis Reactions Using NEBExpress Ni-NTA Magnetic Beads and a Magnetic Particle Processor, Presented by Jackson B., New England Biolabs

A073: Systematic Structural Evaluation of Polycystin Variants by CryoEM, Presented by Orhi E., Northwestern University

A074: Numaswitch – The Revolution of Peptein Production, Presented by Roxann G., NUMAFERM GmbH

A075: Two-Cell Assays for High-Throughput Screening of Membrane-Bound Protein Targets, Presented by Ronald R., Partillion Bioscience

A076: HiBiT: A Tiny Tag to Assess MOA-Based CAR-T Cell Potency, Presented by Julia G., Promega Corporation

A077: Development of a MoA-Based Bioassay Platform for Safe and Rapid Assessment of Virus Neutralization, Presented by Kai H., Promega Corporation

A078: Development of Bioluminescent No-Wash Fc Gamma Receptor Binding Immunoassay to Guide the Development of Antibody Therapeutics, Presented by Alissa K., Promega Corporation

A079: RaGene: AI-Powered Gene Optimization Platform Maximizes Yield and Enhances Protein Stability, Presented by Wafaa A., Proteinea, Inc.

A080: Salipro® Nano-Membrane Particles for the Discovery and Characterization of Antibodies Against Challenging Membrane Protein Targets, Presented by Peter J., Salipro Biotech

A081: Discovery of Novel Therapeutics Against GPCRs, Ion Channels and Transporters Using the Salipro Platform, Presented by Sara B., Salipro Biotech AB

A082: Design and Screening of FcyRIIb Selective Fc Domains to Enhance PD-1 Agonism and Treat Autoimmunity, Presented by Samuel P., Seismic Therapeutic

A083: Discovery and Characterization of FcγRIIb Selective Antibodies to Enhance PD-1 Agonism and Treat Autoimmunity, Presented by Ishan S., Seismic Therapeutic

A084: Utilizing a Cancer-Specific Peptide to Deliver a Novel Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer, Presented by Shelby K., SRI International

A085: T Cell Targeting with PD-1-Selective Immune Cell Engagers Based on GlycoConnect™ Technology Show Favorable Efficacy and Tolerability, Presented by Remon V., Synaffix, A Lonza Company

A086: Antigens for Integral Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery, Presented by Olivia E., Takeda Pharmaceuticals

A087: Potent Antibody Discovery Using Yeast Display and Human IgG Transgenic Mice, Presented by Leike L., Takeda Pharmaceuticals

A088: Membrane Protein Chimeric and Truncated Cell Line Generation for Biologics Screening, Presented by Dongyun W., Takeda Pharmaceuticals

A089: Antibody Labeling Reagents to Rapidly Screen for Binding, Internalization, and Degradation of Biologics and Antibody Drug Conjugates, Presented by Ryan H., Thermo Fisher Scientific

A090: Optimizing Expression and Purification Workflows for Membrane Proteins, Presented by Matt M., Thermo Fisher Scientific

A091: Synthetic Biology Solutions to Accelerate Antibody Development, Presented by Claudia C., Thermo Fisher Scientific GENEART GmbH

A092: TRIV-509, a Dual-Specific Antibody Targeting KLK5 and KLK7 Proteases, Binds at the Active Site with High Affinity and Inhibits Proteolytic Activity, Presented by Brantley H., Triveni Bio

A093: Optimization of a Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor Antagonist Antibody for the Treatment of Hyperinsulinism, Presented by Lindsay D., Twist Bioscience

A094: Discovery and Optimization of Novel Complement Component 5a Receptor 1 Antagonistic Antibodies, Presented by Crystal S., Twist Bioscience

A095: Journey Towards Advancing Cancer Immunotherapy via HLA-G Pathway Modulation with Anti-HLA-G Antibody (UCB4594), Presented by Ruth M., UCB

A096: Innovation in ADC Development: Unleashing the Potential of In Vivo Phage Display Selections and Rabbit Derived VL Single-Domain Antibodies to Develop Highly Specific and Potent ADC´s Against Novel Targets, Presented by Frederico AS., University of Lisbon

A097: Sequence-Developability Mapping of Affibody and Fibronectin Paratopes via Library-Scale Variant Characterization, Presented by Gregory N., University of Minnesota

A098: Learning the Rules of T Cell Receptor Cross-Reactivity with Yeast Display, Presented by Dan H., University of Oxford

A099: Cationic Peptide Anchor-Mediated Binding to Tumor Extracellular Matrix Improves Intratumoral Retention of Agonist CD40 Antibody, Presented by Yuting P., University of Texas at Austin

A100: Discovery of High Affinity Functional Antibodies Specific for CXCR5 and Other Multi-Pass Membrane Proteins, Presented by Leslie B., Vaccinex

A101: Novel Bispecific Antibodies Effectively Enhance Therapeutic Efficacy in Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) by Targeting the Molecular Pathway and Disrupting the Biological Crosstalk Associated with the Condition, Presented by Jing L., VelaVigo

A102: Optimizing Bispecific Antibody Production: Strategies for Improved Purity and Yield, Presented by Sundee D., WuXi Biologics

A103: Exploring Digital Twin Technology in Improving Surgical Outcomes, Presented by Rakan A., Johns Hopkins University

A104: Isolation and Characterization of Promising Anti-PD-1 Antibodies to Treat Cancer, Presented by Frida RV., Unidad de Desarrollo e Investigación en Bioprocesos (UDIBI)



POSTER SESSION B: Tuesday (afternoon) – Wednesday 

B001: Real-Time Kinetics on Cells and Further Analytical Tools to Avoid the Translational Gap, Presented by Vera M., 2bind GmbH

B002: Defining the Biophysical Design Parameters for Logic-Gated CAR-T Systems, Presented by Alexander P., A2 Biotherapeutics, Inc.

B003: Biophysical Methodologies for the QC of Abcam Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies (RabMAb®) and Proteins, Presented by Deborah ML., Abcam

B004: PSMA x CD3 T-Cell Engagers with Potent Cytotoxicity and Low Cytokine Release, Presented by Raffi T., AbCellera

B005: An AI-Assisted Selective CD16A-Targeting NK Cell Engager Showed Superior Anti-Tumor Activity In Vitro, Presented by Jessica J., Ailux Biologics by XtalPi

B006: Efficient Production of VHHs Containing Non-Canonical Amino Acids by Corynex®, Presented by Yumi N., Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

B007: Establishment of Human Rare Disease Organoid Models and Development of Microphysiological System, Presented by Jae Hee B., Asan Medical Center

B008: Generation of Sarconoids from Angiosarcoma Patients as a Systematic-Based Rational Approach to Treatment, Presented by Da Jung J., Asan Medical Center

B009: Predicting HCP Levels in Therapeutic Protein Products, Presented by Jared D., AstraZeneca

B010: Leap-In Transposases® - A New Paradigm of Cell Line Development, Presented by Claes G., ATUM

B011: Optimized Recombinant Antibody Production: A Comprehensive End-to-End Solution by GENEWIZ, Presented by Jung D., Azenta Life Sciences

B012: Investigating Factors Impacting TLR7 Immunostimulatory ADC Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Presented by Samantha B., Binghamton University: The State University of New York

B013: Implementing Design of Experiment (DOE) in ADA Optimization for Targeted Therapeutics, Presented by Matthew B., BioAgilytix Labs

B014: Development of High Throughput Single-B Cell Antibody Discovery Platform, Presented by Huanyi Y., Biointron

B015: Computationally Designed Multibodies: Binding Two Unrelated Targets with One, Symmetrical Standard Human IgG Antibody, Presented by Yael D., Biolojic Design

B016: Accurate Profiling of Full-Length Fv in Highly Homologous Antibody Libraries Using UMI-Tagged Short Reads, Presented by Yair F., Biolojic Design

B017: Rapid Generation of Bispecific Antibodies for High Throughput Screening with SpyLock Technology, Presented by Erika H., Bio-Rad Laboratories

B018: Comprehensive Analysis and Characterization of Glycan Pairing in Therapeutic Antibodies and Fc-Containing Biotherapeutics, Presented by Maximilian M., Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

B019: Throughput Meets Flexibility: The Next Generation Multiplexing SPR for Efficient Therapeutic Protein Discovery and Development, Presented by Matthew P., Bruker Scientific

B020: HT-SPR Evaluation of Fc Gamma Receptor Binding Using Carterra LSA-XT, Presented by Maria M., Carterra, Inc.

B021: Digital Control of Expression for Rapid, High-Titer Production of Complex Products in CHO Cells, Presented by Chad H., Catalent Biologics

B022: Exploring the Dynamic Changes of Nucleic Acids to Evaluate the Effect of Protonated Nucleotides on Structure and Binding, Presented by Stefania E., Chemical Computing Group

B023: Immuno-STATs (ISTs): A Novel and Unique T-Cell Engager Platform for the Treatment of Immuno-Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases, Presented by Ahmet V., Cue Biopharma

B024: Antibody Analyses with Biacore™ System - Convenient, Sensitive, Versatile, Presented by Eric R., Cytiva

B025: Modulation of Antibodies' Fc Fragment Interaction with Fc Receptors by Deep Mutational Scanning, Presented by Fabien Q., Deeptope

B026: Comprehensive Cell-Based Assays for Characterization and Development of Agonistic Antibodies as Therapeutics for Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases, Presented by Gaurav A., Eurofins DiscoverX

B027: FcRN Binding Assessment of IgG Fc Variants: A 360° View with Affinity, Kinetics and In Vitro Testing, Presented by Silvestre L., FairJourney Biologics SA

B028: Applying Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis for In-Solution Binding Kinetics, Presented by Henrik J., Fida Biosystems

B029: Model Acetylcholinesterase-Fc Fusion Glycoprotein Biotechnology System for the Manufacture of an Organophosphorus Toxicant Bioscavenging Countermeasure, Presented by Tylee H., Food and Drug Administration

B030: Development of a Chemically Defined Growth Medium Specifically Designed for CHO DG44 Cells, Presented by Ociel F., FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific

B031: Advancing Antibody Therapeutics: Leveraging Biolayer Interferometry for Label-Free Camelid Nanobody Quantitation and Kinetics Screening, Presented by Vivienne L., Gator Bio

B032: NeoMab™: A Novel Platform for Fully Human Therapeutic Antibody Development, Presented by Jun W., GemPharmatech

B033: Structure of the Wnt-Frizzled-LRP6 Initiation Complex Reveals the Basis for Coreceptor Discrimination, Presented by Sunhee H., Genentech

B034: Leveraging Multiplexed MAPPs Data for In Silico and In Vitro Immunogenicity Risk Assessment, Presented by Prasad P., Generate Biomedicines

B035: Fully Automated TNFα Epitope Mapping with Benchtop Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting Technology, Presented by Jiana D., GenNext Technologies, Inc.

B036: Enzymatic Tools for Generation of Homogeneous Antibody Fragments – From High-Throughput Screening to Manufacturing Scale, Presented by Laurent R., Genovis

B037: Integrated Solutions for Antibody Drug Development: A Comprehensive Approach with GenScript, Presented by Amanda G., GenScript USA, Inc.

B038: Design and Engineering of Multi-Specific Antibody and Its Therapeutic Applications for AI Drug Discovery, Presented by Hengtai L., GenScript USA, Inc.

B039: Automated High Throughput Purification Platform for Small Scale Expression in E.coli, Presented by Jane Z., GSK

B040: Advanced High Throughput Particle Analysis: Characterizing Protein Therapeutic Stability from Developability Assessment to Release, Presented by Steven L., Halo Labs

B041: Fc Engineering to Enable Subcutaneous Antibody Formulation and Beyond, Presented by Yasmin S., Illinois Institute of Technology

B042: Early Unwanted Immunogenicity Risk Assessment of Biotherapeutics, Presented by Chloe A., ImmunXperts, a Q2 Solutions Company

B043: Enhanced Plasmid Production: Achieving a 21-Fold Increase in Plasmids, Presented by Andrew M. and Sam E., INFORS HT & Thomson Instrument Company

B044: DNA Nanotechnology Used to Rapidly Screen and Modulate T-Cell Engagement Using Hybrid DNA-Protein Analogs of Blinatumomab, Presented by Sabrine M., Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique - INRS

B045: Bispecific and Trispecific GPRC5D Antibodies with Potent Cell-Killing Activity Against Multiple Myeloma, Presented by Ross C., Integral Molecular

B046: Accelerating Antibody Discovery and Development to the Clinic with Proprietary Mammalian Display, Presented by Kothai P., Iontas Ltd.

B047: A Novel, Translational Platform to Assess the Efficacy and Toxicity of Bispecific Antibodies, Presented by Joshua S., Jackson Laboratory

B048: Higher Order Structure, Stability, and Similarity Assessment of VHH Antibodies Using CD Spectroscopy, Presented by Ai Y., JASCO Corporation

B049: Engineering Novel IgG Fc Glycosylation Sites for Bioconjugation, Presented by Zachary B., Johns Hopkins University

B050: Comparison of the Performance of Pharmalytes and AESLytes for Routine Capillary Isoelectric Focusing, Presented by Caleen D., Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

B051: ATF N-1/N Stage Perfusion Platform Process Development Using mAb Producing CHO Cell Culture, Presented by Kevin H., JOINN Biologics US, Inc.

B052: Transforming Tumor Research: Engineering MHCs as Versatile Reagents, Presented by Manhee S., Kactus

B053: First Insights into Functionality of Cell-Free Produced Adalimumab in Comparison to Humira®, Presented by Ricarda F., LenioBio GmbH

B054: Accelerating Drug Development with Flexible, Scalable, Single-Cell Functional Profiling, Presented by Simon M., Lightcast Discovery Ltd.

B055: An Adaptor Platform Allows Selective CAR-T Cell Expansion by Cis-Targeting of Engineered Interleukin-2, Presented by Simone L., Ludwig Maximilians University

B056: Multiplexed Screening of 1000s of Brain Shuttle Designs In Vivo with Protein Barcoding to Engineer Blood-Brain Barrier Penetrating Therapeutics with Optimal Properties, Presented by Alex R., Manifold Biotechnologies, Inc.

B057: Anti-Idiotypic Antibody as Booster Vaccine Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Presented by Shreya M., Merck & Co., Inc.

B058: Scalable Transient Gene Expression in CHOZN® GS-/- Cells Using Thomson Optimum Growth® Flasks, Presented by Kelsey R., MilliporeSigma

B059: Integrating Cryo-EM into Therapeutic Discovery and Structural Toxicology, Presented by Nicole P., NanoImaging Services

B060: Predicting Biologics Developability: A Combinatorial Approach with Thermal and Colloidal Stability Measurements for Improved Assessments, Presented by Rebecca H., NanoTemper Technologies, Inc.

B061: Broadly Neutralizing Camel Nanobody J1B4 Against the S2 Subunit of SARS-CoV-2, Presented by Jessica H., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

B062: Novel Engineered T-Cells Targeting Glypican-2 Regress Antigen Low Neuroblastoma in Mice, Presented by Laura H., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

B063: Arsenal of Nanobodies Shows Broad-Spectrum Neutralization Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern In Vitro and In Vivo in Hamster Models, Presented by Martin R., National Research Council Canada

B064: NTxpress Platform Coupled with Hollow Fiber Bioreactors Can Be Leveraged to Produce Target Proteins, Presented by Robert J., Nature's Toolbox

B065: Robust nanoCLAMP Protein Ligands for Affinity Chromatography, Presented by Richard S., Nectagen, Inc.

B066: Rapid Method for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis (CFPS) from DNA or RNA Synthesized In Vitro, Presented by Paula M., New England Biolabs

B067: Characterization of Therapeutic Antibodies Using Digital SPR, Presented by Michael P., Nicoya Lifesciences

B068: Fully Human Heavy Chain Only Antibodies to BCMA Identified by NonaCarFx Platform, Presented by Jason N., Nona Biosciences

B069: Enhanced Brain Penetration and Neuronal Uptake Through Receptor-Mediated Transcytosis: Development of Fully Human Anti-TfR1 Heavy Chain Only Antibody Based Blood-Brain Barrier Shuttle Technology, Presented by Jiyong Z., Nona Biosciences

B070: Investigation of the Protein Sequence and Structural Determinants of Aggregation Resistance, Presented by Cydney M., Northwestern University

B071: Bioengineering of Site-Specific Antibody Labeling from Basic Research to Spatial Omics Platforms, Presented by Kai T., Oregon Health and Science University

B072: Co-Expression of MAGE-A3 and PD-L1 in Colon, Lung, and Bladder Cancers, Presented by Hailey G., Origene Technologies, Inc.

B073: Developability Assessment for Nonspecificity and Polyspecificity in High-Throughput Bead-Based Assays in Microplates, Presented by Sebastian G., PAIA Biotech GmbH

B074: A Novel Synthetic Receptor Changes CAR-T Cells into Superior Killers in Solid Tumors, Presented by Joe Z., Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre

B075: High Titers of ncAA-Incorporated Therapeutic Protein Candidates Produced in Pseudomonas fluorescens, Presented by Nathaniel H., Primrose Bio

B076: Ankyrons – Target Binding Reagents Beyond Antibodies, Presented by Olivia W., ProImmune, Inc.

B077: A Drug Development Platform for Protein Biologics that Integrates Production, Developability Assessment, Kinetic Profiling and High Resolution Cryo-EM and X-Ray Structural Determination, Presented by Joanna D., Proteros Biostructures GmbH

B078: Multiplex Measurement of Tumor Biomarkers Associated with Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Using Novel Sample Types, Presented by James R., R&D Systems, Inc., a Bio-Techne brand

B079: Structural Characterization of RNA and Detection of RNA-Ligand Binding Using Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS), Presented by Valerie C., RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc.

B080: Development of a New Arrhenius Kinetics-Based Modeling Tool for Fast, Accurate and Robust Prediction of Long-Term Stability of Therapeutic Antibodies, Presented by Jiewei W., Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

B081: Gene Therapy Applications on LabChip GX II Touch: From pDNA QC to mRNA Characterization, Presented by James W., Revvity

B082: Sequence Variant Analysis to Support Process Development, Presented by Steven L., Samsung Biologics

B083: Accelerating the Discovery of a Pan-IgG Protease Using the IMPACT Platform, Presented by Soumya B., Seismic Therapeutic

B084: Characterization of PD-1 Agonist Moieties of a Dual Cell Bidirectional Antibody to Treat Autoimmune Diseases, Presented by Rasika H., Seismic Therapeutic

B085: Development of CAR-NK Cell Targeting Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment, Presented by Jisu H., Seoul National University

B086: Fine-Tuning of Chimeric Antigen Receptor in Live Cells by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)-Based Biosensor, Presented by Hae Nim L., Seoul National University

B087: IL-21 On/Off Switch Loaded CAR-T Enhance Antitumor Effects by Epigenetic and Transcriptional Regulation, Presented by Hyungseok S., Seoul National University

B088: PSB123, an Anti-TIGIT –IL2 Fusion Protein Synergistically Activates Anti-Tumor Immune Responses Without Significant Toxicity, Presented by Wei Y., Sound Biologics

B089: Molecular Guidance Systems (MGSs) as Versatile Vehicles for Targeted Delivery of Oligonucleotides to Non-Hepatic Tissues, Presented by Michael M., SRI International

B090: TA Instruments RS-DSC: A Breakthrough in Thermal Stability Analysis, Presented by Christine N., TA Instruments

B091: Thermostable Raman Interaction Profiling (TRIP), Presented by Narangerel A., Texas A&M University

B092: Molecular Recognition in the Interleukin-1 System, Presented by Glorise TM., Texas A&M University

B093: Invitrogen™ Vivofectamine™ LNP Solutions for RNA Delivery from Mouse to NHP, Presented by Henry C., Thermo Fisher Scientific

B094: Optimizing Transient Protein Expression with Custom Media, Presented by Jason E., Thermo Fisher Scientific

B095: A Novel 5L Shake Flask Suitable for Transient Protein Expression in the ExpiCHO, Expi293 and ExpiSF Production Systems, Presented by Sam W., Thermo Fisher Scientific

B096: Antibody Discovery Identifies Regulatory Mechanisms of Protein Arginine Deiminase 4, Presented by Sophie K., University of California, San Francisco

B097: An Approach to Understand Nanobody Stability Enabling Large Scale Discovery, Presented by Yue W., University of California, San Francisco

B098: Solid Tumor Targeting by Cytotoxic T-Cells with a-T-Cell Receptor Nanobody Chemically Self-Assembled Nanorings (CSANs), Presented by Debasmita P., University of Minnesota

B099: Structure-Based Design of a Soluble Human Cytomegalovirus Glycoprotein B Antigen Stabilized in a Prefusion-Like Conformation, Presented by Madeline S., University of Texas at Austin

B100: NanoLogix: An Open-Source Pipeline to Turbocharge Nanobody Discovery with High-Throughput Sequencing, Presented by Kathleen Z., Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

B101: Rapid Antibody Lead Identification from Various Species Through Single B Cell Screening (VAST-B), Presented by Siwei N., WuXi Biologics

B102: Complementary Light Scattering Solutions for Protein Characterization, Presented by Michelle C., Wyatt Technology

B103: Strategies to Sustain Bioprocess Development and Manufacturing, Presented by Hassan S., Lucensia Biosciences LLC

B104: High Throughput Epitope Mapping and Screening in Live Cells, Presented by Dan B., Immuto Scientific




C001: ML-Guided Antibody Discovery and Optimization Using AlphaSeq and AlphaBind, Presented by Miranda L., A-Alpha Bio

C002: ABBV-400, a c-Met ADC: In Vitro Immunosafety Data Analysis, Presented by Susanne S., AbbVie

C003: IgDesign: Antibody Inverse Folding with In Vitro Validation, Presented by Amir S., Absci Corporation

C004: Comparing Potential Bispecific Formats of Trastuzumab and a Humanized OKT3, Presented by Catherine B., Absolute Antibody

C005: SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies Discovered in Serum Across Three Individuals Following Vaccination and Infection Show Diverse Epitopes Across Virus Spike Protein, Presented by Natalie C., Abterra Biosciences

C006: Development of High Throughput Screening Tools for the Purification of Bispecifics, Presented by Robert H., Abzena

C007: Analysis of NIST mAb Reference Material by Parallel SDS-Capillary Electrophoresis, Presented by Kyle L., Agilent Technologies, Inc.

C008: XtalFold: An Antibody-Antigen/Protein-Protein Complex Structure Prediction Algorithm with Unprecedented Accuracy to Accelerate Therapeutics Development, Presented by Kyle K., Ailux Biologics by XtalPi

C009: AJICAP® Technology Expanding Therapeutic Windows of ADCs and Accelerating Development of Novel Antibody-Based Conjugates, Presented by Takumi H., Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

C010: Alternative CHO Harvest Process Development Using Acid Precipitation to Enable Process Scale-Up, Presented by Poorvaja G., Alexion AstraZeneca Rare Diseases

C011: Real-Time Kinetic Data in the Successful Development of an Inhibition of Proliferation Potency Bioassay, Presented by Lauren G., Antibody Analytics

C012: Degradation Comparisons of Monoclonal Antibodies and Their Conjugated Forms, Presented by Dominique WD., AstraZeneca

C013: Automating the CE-SDS, CE-N Glycan and cIEF Workflows for Downstream Analysis on the BioPhase 8800 System, Presented by John F., Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

C014: Simple and High-Throughput Analytics for Proteins and Cells in Bioprocessing, Presented by Chip S., Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

C015: Identification of a Novel Trop2-Targeting Immune Stimulating Antibody Conjugate (ISAC) with Efficacy in a Model of Pancreatic Cancer, Presented by Mohan M., Binghamton University: The State University of New York

C016: Optimization and Evaluation of Legumain-Cleavable Topoisomerase-1 Inhibitor ADCs in a Pancreatic Cancer Model, Presented by Victor O., Binghamton University: The State University of New York

C017: Generation of a Fully Human Antibody Library and Novel Linker/Payload to Facilitate Development of Antibody-Drug Conjugates and Other Antibody-Based Therapeutics, Presented by Luis H., Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals

C018: Uncovering Factors Influencing Mannose Receptor Dependent Binding to Monoclonal Antibodies, Presented by Julia B., Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

C019: High-Throughput Automated Microfluidic Method to Identify Mispairing During Bispecific Antibody Production, Presented by Jenna R., Brown University

C020: Apolipoprotein E: Purification, Characterization, and Lipid Nanoparticle Uptake Enhancement, Presented by Alfredo G., Cayman Chemical Company

C021: Tumbler: A Highly Customizable Antibody Optimization Suite, Presented by Michali I., Charles River Laboratories

C022: Structure-Based Charge Calculations for Predicting Properties and Profiling Antibody Therapeutics, Presented by Alain A., Chemical Computing Group

C023: A Novel uPAR-Directed Antibody-Drug-Conjugate Eliciting Tumor Regression and Immunomodulation in Preclinical Models of Pancreatic Cancer, Presented by Virginia M., Copenhagen University Hospital

C024: A Decoy ACE2 Shows Significant Efficacy Against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variants and Related Viruses: A Computational-Experimental Approach, Presented by Shahidul I., Delaware State University

C025: Development of a PhyTip-Based On-Resin Conjugation Workflow for OTV Biotherapeutics, Presented by Joanne C., Denali Therapeutics

C026: Fusion Protein Targeting PD-L1 and Neutralizing Gas6: A Potential Game Changer to Overcome the Glass Ceiling of Efficacy in Cancer Immunotherapy, Presented by Hui Chieh Y., Development Center for Biotechnology

C027: Discovery and Characterization of Biased Agonist and Antagonist Anti-hCCR5 Antibodies Using 3rd Generation ebBRET Biosensors, Presented by Guilhem D., Domain Therapeutics

C028: An Analysis of the Human Immunoglobulin Paired Repertoire Using Single Cell 10X and Overlap Extension RT-PCR Techniques, Presented by Monica W., Dotmatics, Inc.

C029: Automated Spectrum Annotation and Structure Disambiguation of Released N-Linked Glycans, Presented by Gary W., Dotmatics, Inc.

C030: Drug-to-Antibody Ratio of Maleimide-Based ADCs Greatly Impacts Fc Receptor Binding and Fc-Mediated Effector Activity, Presented by Danielle F., Eisai, Inc.

C031: Engineering EVOLVE-106: A B7-H4-Targeting T Cell Engager with Integrated CD2 Co-Stimulation, Presented by Sonali D., EvolveImmune Therapeutics

C032: Automated Peptide Mapping and Intact Mass Analysis Data Processing Workflows for Streamlined MS-Based Characterization of AAV Capsids, Presented by Catherine E., Genedata AG

C033: Accelerating Biopharmaceutical and Vaccine Research, Discovery, and Development with Genedata, Presented by Jana H., Genedata AG

C034: High-Throughput Generation, Design, Production, and Evaluation of Bispecific Antibodies, Presented by Christian T., Genedata AG

C035: A Cell Penetrating Cystine-Knot Peptide for Cargo Delivery, Presented by Yanjie L., Genentech

C036: FORGE™-ML: A Diffusion Model-Based Framework for Designing Multi-Functional Proteins, Presented by Margaret L., Gensaic

C037: Functional Enzyme Discovery and Machine Learning Guided Enzyme Optimization for Biocatalysts, Presented by Joseph F. and Shurong H., Ginkgo Bioworks

C038: Comparative Analysis of N-1 Perfusion Strategies for Enhanced Protein Expression and Cost Efficiency in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Presented by Sarah L., Hangzhou HealSun Biopharm Co., Ltd.

C039: High Endothelial Venule-Targeting Drug Delivery in Metastatic Cancers, Presented by Sungwook J., Harvard Medical School

C040: Evaluation of a Bispecific Antibody Platform Using a 15 x 15 Matrix of Clinical Stage Antibodies, Presented by Jonathan D., Creative Antibodies

C041: From Screening to Large Scale Purification: Adaptability of MagStrep® Strep-Tactin®XT Beads, Presented by Fabian M., IBA Lifesciences

C042: The Cell Division Activator Protein of Salmonella typhi (StCAP) is a Key Pathogenic Inducer and Can Be Targeted with Selective Therapeutic Molecules, Presented by Bishwajit K., Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

C043: Engineering an Improved Inhibitor of 53BP1 to Enhance HDR Efficiency, Presented by Christopher V., Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.

C044: Small and Mighty – VHH ‘Bolt-Ons’ to Expand Therapeutic Functionality, Presented by Anna B., Isogenica Ltd.

C045: Tailored AAV Solutions: ELISA Kits and Customized Variant Kit Development, Presented by Tingxu C., Kactus

C046: Accelerated Lead Cell Line Selection Through Early Process and CQA Screening with Cutting-Edge Technologies, Presented by Amelie M., KBI Biopharma

C047: A Novel Vector System for One-Step Generation of Diverse Vector Assemblies for Enhanced Product Titres of Multispecific Antibodies, Presented by Michael A., Lonza

C048: TheraPRO® CHO Media System: Achieve High Productivity in CHOK1 GS-KO® Cell Lines with Our Advanced Formulated, Easy-to-Use Media and Feed Solution, Presented by Gaurav K., Lonza

C049: Engineering Multi-Specific Antibodies for Prophylactic Treatment of Peanut Allergy, Presented by Rahel S., Mabylon AG

C050: Tuning Heterodimeric Cytokine Receptor Signaling with Bispecific Antibody Agonists, Presented by Shaheen F., Merck & Co., Inc.

C051: Analytical High-Throughput Automation: Advancing Vaccine Process Development, Presented by Carl H., Merck & Co., Inc.

C052: Evaluation of a Growth-Based Rapid Microbiological Method for Detection of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria in Recombinant Pharmaceuticals, Presented by Hokyung O., Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea

C053: Controls of Drug-to-Antibody Ratio for Site-Specific and Non-Site-Specific Antibody-Drug-Conjugates, Presented by Lin-Lu T., Mycenax Biotech, Inc..

C054: Accelerating the Development of Innovative Biologics in Canada, Presented by Melanie A., National Research Council Canada

C055: Noncanonical Intradomain Disulfide Linkages in Immunoglobulin Variable Domains: Implications in Efficacy Engineering of Antibody Therapeutics, Presented by Jamshid T., National Research Council Canada

C056: Directed and Efficient Therapeutic Cytokine Engineering Powered by AI and High Throughput Experimentation, Presented by Yang X., neoX Biotech, Inc.

C057: Identifying the Determinants of Cell-Penetrant Miniproteins, Presented by Claire P., Northwestern University

C058: Enhancing Solubility of Protein Targets: Innovations in Expression Strategies Using eProtein Discovery™, Presented by Chava A., Nuclera

C059: DNA to Assay-Ready Proteins in 48 Hours: Rapid Protein Expression and Purification on the eProtein Discovery™ System and Binding Confirmation on Biacore™ SPR System, Presented by Yvonne T., Nuclera

C060: OmniChicken Derived Antibodies to a Member of the TNF Receptor Superfamily, Presented by Darlene P., OmniAb, Inc.

C061: Cloud Enabled NGS-Based Antibody Discovery and 3D Antibody Structural Modeling, Presented by Suhani N., OpenEye Cadence Molecular Sciences

C062: Performing Protein Expression, Purification, and Quantification on a Robotic Liquid Handling Platform, Presented by Boren L., Opentrons Labworks

C063: High Throughput Hydrophobicity and Polyreactivity Assays for 6His-Tagged Proteins, Presented by Aris P., PAIA Biotech GmbH

C064: Investigating the Excipient Effect In Vitro for Subcutaneous Pre-Clinical Formulations, Presented by Imogen A., Pion, Inc.

C065: OpenCRISPR: Language Models Generate Novel Genome Editors from Scratch, Presented by Jeffrey R., Profluent Bio

C066: A Powerful Capillary Electrophoresis Platform for the Characterization of Viral Capsid Proteins of Vectors Used in Cell and Gene Therapies, Presented by Yasef K., ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

C067: Overcoming Obstacles in Antibody Discovery: Investigating the Power of De Novo Polyclonal Sequencing, Presented by Jennifer C., Rapid Novor

C068: Affinity Enrichment to Support Evaluation of Impactful Post-Translational Modifications on Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies, Presented by Jethro P., Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

C069: Longitudinal Deep Multi-Omics Profiling in a CLN3Δex7/8 Minipig Model Reveals Novel Biomarker Signatures for Batten Disease, Presented by Hannah L., Sanford Research

C070: Machine Learning Guided Identification of Novel Antibody Sequences with Defined Specificity, Presented by Ankit M., Sanofi

C071: Analytical Challenges for Developability Assessment of Multispecific Antibodies, Presented by Megan S., Sanofi

C072: Diagnostic Potential of BCR Repertoire NGS Analysis and Stereotypic BCR Clonotype Proved in Mouse B Cell Lymphoma Model, Presented by Soyeon J., Seoul National University

C073: Fully Human DLL3/CD3 TCEs with Excellent Killing Potency Against Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Cells, Presented by Jinghua G., Shanghai AceMab Biotechnology Ltd.

C074: SPOC Biosensor Chips as a Novel Tool for Evaluating AI-Designed Antibody-Based Therapeutics’ Specificity Against Thousands of Targets Simultaneously, Presented by Bharath T., SPOC Proteomics

C075: STRO-004: A Precisely Designed Tissue Factor Targeted ADC for Broadened Efficacy and Safety, Presented by Grace L., Sutro Biopharma

C076: Machine Learning-Based Engineering of Reagent Enzymes Improves Nucleic Acid Detection: Application to Infectious Disease and Cancer Diagnostics, Presented by Thomas S., Tamarack Bioscience, Inc.

C077: Targeted In Silico Design of Functional Enzyme Inhibitors, Presented by Darian W., Technical University of Denmark

C078: AI-Driven Screening of Blocking Antibodies Using tFold Structural Modeling, Presented by Biaobin J., Tencent

C079: Leveraging Cryo-Electron Microscopy for Innovative Vaccine Development, Presented by Tilak G., Thermo Fisher Scientific

C080: Accelerating Discovery and Rational Engineering of Antibody Modalities Using Cryo-EM, Presented by Anass J., Thermo Fisher Scientific

C081: Improving Intracellular Delivery of an Antibody-Drug Conjugate Targeting Carcinoembryonic Antigen Increases Efficacy at Clinically Relevant Doses In-Vivo, Presented by Baron R., University of Michigan

C082: Building the Protein-Drug Revolution, Presented by Sneha V., University of Minnesota

C083: High Throughput Cysteinylation Screening at mAb Subunit Level Using LC-MS Monitoring Workflow, Presented by Guillaume B., Waters Corporation

C084: Simple and Automatable Sample Preparation for Tryptic Peptide Mapping with the PeptideWorks Kit, Presented by Erin M., Waters Corporation

C085: WuXi XDC’s Development Platforms Deliver Consistent and Scalable Conjugation Processes, Presented by Stuart W., WuXi Biologics

C086: From Sequence to Binding Clones, a Novel Computational Platform for Nanobody Discovery, Presented by Hao C., Yurogen Biosystems LLC

C087: Development of Rabbit Anti-Mertansine (DM1) Monoclonal Antibodies, Presented by Ke Z, Yurogen Biosystems LLC

C088: Development of CD40 and HER2 Bispecific Antibodies for Enhanced Efficacy Against HER2-Positive Tumors, Presented by Yang L., Yurogen Biosystems LLC

C089: Cell-Free Expression of Antibodies from Veterinary Species, Presented by Erika O., Zoetis

C090: Characterization of Livestock IgG Repertoire, Presented by Prajna S., Zoetis

C091: TriTCE Co-Stim: A Next Generation Trispecific T Cell Engager Platform with Integrated CD28 Costimulation, Engineered to Improve T Cell Function and Antitumor Responses in Hard-to-Treat Cancers, Presented by Prajwal R. and Gursev A., Zymeworks, Inc.

C092: Harnessing Display Technologies to Obtain Large Datasets for Machine Learning Training and Enhance Diagnostic Tools, Presented by Esen S., Los Alamos National Laboratory

C093: Genovac OptiAb™ Powered by ENPICOM- A Deep Learning Tool and Service for Next Generation Antibody Humanization, Presented by Matt W., Genovac Antibody Discovery

C094: Supporting CAR-T Cell Therapy Development from Discovery to IND-Filing, Presented by Brad G., Charles River Laboratories

C095: Bispecific Antibody Discovery Platform for IND Enabling StudiesPresented by Brad G., Charles River Laboratories

C096: Cancerlysins™: Novel Bispecific Antibodies for Non-Toxic Targeted Tumor EradicationPresented by Victor G., ImmuVia LLC




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