Room: Commonwealth Hall

Poster Presenters noted with * are Student Fellows.


Presenting Monday – Tuesday

Ab Studio, Inc.
A1.      Development of IgG Like Bispecific Antibodies by Computer Aided Design; Presented by Yue L.

A2.      Overcoming Antibody Discovery Limitations by Deep Mining of Natural Immune Repertoires; Presented by Kush D.

A3.      Applications for Hyperimmune, Autoimmune DiversimAb™ Mice in Antibody Discovery; Presented by Ryan K.

Adicet Bio Israel Ltd.
A4.      T-Cell Receptor-Like Antibodies Directed Against Intracellular Tumor Targets for Immunotherapy of Solid Tumors; Presented by Galit D.

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
A5.      Therapeutic Anti-Cancer Activity of Antibodies Targeting RON Receptor Tyrosine Kinase; Presented by Xin Yu K.

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
A6.      Antibodies Targeting AXL for Cancer Therapy; Presented by Khian Hong P.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
A7.      Half-Life Extension Technology Using Semi-Synthetic Fc-Fusions; Presented by Shigeo H.

Ajou University
A8.      Engineering of Potent Interleukin-4 Receptor Alpha Antibodies; Presented by Jung-Eun K.

Allotropic Tech
A9.      Protein Expression in Whole Insect Larvae with Baculovirus; Presented by Robert B.

Antibody Solutions
A10.    Optimization of Therapeutic Discovery Strategies for Human Antibody Transgenic Animal Platforms; Presented by Joshua L.

Applied Photophysics Ltd.
A11.    Assessment of Statistical Significance of Minor Changes in HOS Using Circular Ddichroism - A New Approach; Presented by Darek S.

A12.    Novel Transposase Tools for Cell-Line Development; Presented by Justin K.

Avacta Life Sciences
A13.    Preclinical Evaluation of Half-Life Extended Affimer Biotherapeutics Targeting the PD-L1 Pathway in Combination with a Novel Pyroptotic Agent PT-100; Presented by Amrik B.

Biametrics GmbH
A14.    High-Throughput Kinetic Characterisation of Monoclonal Antibodies; Presented by Ximena A.

A15.    Development, Validation and Application of Drug-Tolerant Assays for the Detection of Anti-Drug Antibodies Against Anti-PD-1 and Anti-CTLA-4 Monoclonal Antibodies Used in Combination Therapy in Non-Human Primates During Repeated Dose Toxicity Study; Presented by Olesia B.

A16.    Fixed Dose Selection Based on Population Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling; Presented by Aleksandra C.

A17.    Novel Agonist Anti-GITR Antibody (BCD-bg6) for Cancer Immunotherapy; Presented by Aleksandr G.

A18.    Novel Variants of IL15-Superagonist Immunocytokines; Presented by Mariia G.

Biomatters ApS
A19.    Advanced Antibody Analysis of NGS and Sanger Data from Selection and Screening Projects Accelerate Therapeutic Antibody Discovery; Presented by Jannick B.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
A20.    Adaption of Human Antibody λ and κ Light Chain Architectures to CDR Repertoires; Presented by Joschka B.

Carterra, Inc.
A21.    Accelerating the Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies Using High Throughput Array SPR; Presented by Yasmina A.

ChemPartner USA
A22.    Accelerated Discovery of Unique Anti-PD-L1 Antibodies from Spleen Versus Bone Marrow of Immunized Mice by Single Plasma B Cell Cloning on the Beacon® Platform; Presented by Shireen K.

Shanghai ChemPartner Co., Ltd.
A23.    Discovery of Anti-C5aR Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy; Presented by Jack H.

A24.    Improving ERTs with CodeEvolver® Protein Engineering Technology to Improve Serum Stability, In Vivo Half Life and Reduced Immune Response; Presented by William H.

CSL Ltd.
A25.    Engineering of Candidate Therapeutic Molecules Using Mammalian Surface Display; Presented by Andrew H.

Cue Biopharma
A26.    A Novel Engineered Fusion Protein Effectively Targets and Expands Disease Specific Anti-Tumor T-Cells; Presented by Jonathan S.

Digital Proteomics LLC
A27.    Next-Generation Sequencing of Repertoires Integrated with Serum Proteomics for Antibody Discovery in Rabbit; Presented by Stefano B.

Discovery Life Sciences
A28.    Multiparametric Flow Cytometry Analysis of Checkpoint Inhibitors (PD-1 and PD-L1) in Dissociated Tumor and Normal Tissues; Presented by Shawn F.

Eli Lilly and Company
A29.    IgG1 Therapeutic Antibody-Induced IFN-γ Release in Whole Blood Assay is Dependent on FcγRIIIa; Presented by Nada A.

EMD Serono Research & Development Institute, Inc.
A30.    A Case Study on Immunogenicity Assay Strategies for Endogenous Homologous Proteins; Presented by Hongmei N.

Essen BioScience, Inc., Part of the Sartorius Group
A31.    A High-Throughput, Multiplexed Antibody Internalization Assay; Presented by Caroline W.

Eurofins DiscoverX
A32.    Novel, Improved Cell-Based Assays to Enable Immunotherapy Drug Development for Checkpoint Receptors; Presented by Jane L.

Eurofins DiscoverX
A33.    Driving Robust and Reproducible ADCC and T Cell Redirection with Single Donor-Derived KILR CD16 Effector Cells; Presented by Alpana P.

FairJourney Biologics
A34.    Anti-Human CXCR4 and Anti-Human IL-7R Antibodies Selected from Non-Immune Repertoires; Presented by Joana A.

FairJourney Biologics
A35.    The Journey to "The" Antibody: Accessing a Versatile Toolbox; Presented by Diana R.

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
A36.    FlowCam® Nano Provides Counts, Sizes and Images of Nano-and Microparticles: Application to a Therapeutic Protein Pumping Study; Presented by Dave H.

Fusion Antibodies Ltd.
A37.    A Rational Affinity Maturation Platform; Presented by Leona M.

Genedata, Inc.
A38.    An Enterprise Software Solution for Efficient Analysis of Epitope Binning Assays; Presented by Renee E.

Genedata, Inc.
A39.    An Automated Approach for Comprehensive Characterization and Quantification of Low-Abundance Sequence Variants in a Standard Monoclonal Antibody; Presented by John M.

Genedata, Inc.
A40.    Efficient Use of Multi-Omic Biomarkers to Improve Clinical Trial Outcomes in Immuno-Oncology; Presented by Marcell V.

GeneFrontier Corporation
A41.    Selection and Affinity Maturation of Cyclic Peptide Against CTLA4 with PUREfrexRD; Presented by Kanehisa K.

Genentech, Inc.
A42.    Applications of Raman Spectroscopy for Biotherapeutics Characterization; Presented by Michelle T.

Genovis, Inc.
A43.    Complete N- and O- Deglycosylation of Biopharmaceuticals; Presented by Philip O.

Hamilton Company
A44.    High-Throughput Preparation of Released N-Glycans from Biotherapeutics Using Waters Technologies GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS Automation Kit on the Hamilton Microlab STAR; Presented by Casey S.

Hospital for Sick Children
A45.    Structure-Guided Design Fine-Tunes Pharmacokinetics, Tolerability, and Anti-Tumor Profile of Multi-Specific Frizzled Antibodies; Presented by Swetha R.

Hybrigenics Corporation
A46.    Efficient Selection of Single-Domain Antibodies from a Naive Synthetic Library Using Phage Display and Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening; Presented by Brent P.

ImmunXperts SA
A47.    Lead Stage In Vitro Assessment of Immuno-Oncology Candidates; Presented by Amin O.

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentáries (IRTA)
A48.    Impact of the Expression System on the Final Structure and Function of Recombinant Proteins; Presented by Anna A.

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentáries (IRTA)
A49.    Production, Isolation and Characterization of Lactobacillus plantarum Inclusion Bodies; Presented by Ricardo B.*

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentáries (IRTA)
A50.    Potential Applications of a New Recombinant Protein Format: Self-Assembling Nanoclusters Produced in Lactococcus lactis for Protein Delivery and Protein Purification Purposes; Presented by Elena G.

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentáries (IRTA)
A51.    Recombinant Protein Nanoclusters: Exploring Their Potential and Immunogenicity In Vivo; Presented by Laia G.*

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentáries (IRTA)
A52.    Development of a New Type of Immunostimulants for Animal Production; Presented by Adria L.*

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentáries (IRTA)
A53.    Recombinant Antimicrobial Multidomain Polypeptides: Novel Biotechnological Tools Against Antibiotic Resistance; Presented by Ramon R.*

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA)
A54.    Exploring Protein Nanocluster Format to Improve Purification and Delivery of Acute Phase Protein M-SAA3; Presented by Francesc

A55.    Selection of First-in-Human Study Dose for Antibodies and Antibody Constructs Using Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling; Presented by Oleg D.

Integral Molecular
A56.    Discovery of New Therapeutic Antibodies to Two Metabolically Relevant Targets - GPCR CB1 and Transporter GLUT4 - Using Virus-Like Particles; Presented by Benjamin D.

Integral Molecular
A57.    High-Resolution Epitope Mapping Reveals Antibody Mechanism of Action and Strengthens Intellectual Property; Presented by Sharon W.

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc.
A58.    Increasing Throughput of INtip Affinity Purification for Larger Sample Volume; Presented by Nikki S.

Iontas Limited
A59.    Selecting Novel and Developable Antibodies by Mammalian Display; Presented by Peter S.

Janssen Biologics
A60.    Use of Epitope Diversity to Elucidate Trends in Function Among Monoclonal Antibodies Raised Against the Immunogenic Marker B7H6; Presented by Steven O.

Kanyos Bio
A61.    A Robust NGS-Based Method for the Isolation of Affinity Matured Fab Antibody Clones with Cross-Species Specificity; Presented by Rose L.

KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services
A62.    Tumor Microenvironment Monitoring: Isolation and Flow Cytometric Immunophenotyping of Exosomes from Human Plasma; Presented by Thanh-Long N.

LabKey Software
A63.    Facilitating the Capture of Consistently Structured Experimental Data While Enabling Scientists to Continue Standard Experimental Data Recording Workflows; Presented by Ryan L.

Lake Pharma
A64.    Generation of a Diverse VHH Phage Display Library from Pre-Immunized Llamas; Presented by Hoa G.

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
A65.    Capture and Display of Antibodies Secreted by Hybridoma Cells Enables Optical On-Cell Screening of Human IgG and IgA mAbs; Presented by Scott D.

LEO Pharma A/S
A66.    IL22R as Antibody Target in Atopic Dermatitis, Characterizing the Indication and Drug; Presented by Birgitte U.

A67.    A Novel Multiplex Platform for Measuring Low Affinity Protein Interactions; Presented by Kalidip C.

Marin Scientific Development Company
A68.    HarvestMax 1000: A Single Step Sterile Filtration of CHO Cell Cultures Producing Therapeutic Proteins; Presented by Peter F.

MD Anderson Cancer Center
A69.    Assessment of Antitumor T Cell Activity Using Heterogeneous Three-Dimensional Culture Assays; Presented by Amer N.

Merck & Co., Inc.
A70.    Circumventing Challenges with Providing Actionable PK/PD/Efficacy Relationships with mAb Construct Origin and Design; Presented by Yvonne Y.

Citryll BV
A71.    T-ACPA Development Candidate Has Enhanced Therapeutic Properties and Inhibits NET Formation In Vitro and In Vivo; Presented by Jos R.

Nanjing University
A72.    Development and Characterization of Potent Neutralizing Nanobody Against SFTSV Infection; Presented by Xilin W.

National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
A73.    Construction and Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis of a Large Phage-Displayed VNAR Single-Domain Antibody Library from Six Naïve Nurse Sharks; Presented by Hejiao B.

National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
A74.    Isolation of Cross Species Camel Single-Domain Antibodies Specific for Human and Mouse Mesothelin; Presented by Jessica H.

National Research Council Canada
A75.    Llama DNA Immunization: An Effective Strategy for Generating Single Domain Antibodies of High Potency; Presented by Mehdi A.

North Carolina State University
A76.    Isolation of Cyclic Peptide Binders from Yeast Display Libraries; Presented by Kaitlyn B.*

North Carolina State University
A77.    Discovery of Novel Cyclic Cell Penetrating Peptides via an mRNA Display Library; Presented by John B.*

Osong Medical Innovation Foundation (KBIO)
A78.    Selection of mAbs Targeting MERS-CoV Through a Human Synthetic Fab Phage Display Library Panning and Their Characterization; Presented by Dae Young K.

A79.    Antibody Validation and Antigen Discovery by Combining Protein and Peptide Microarrays; Presented by Carsten H.

A80.    High-Throughput, High-Precision Protein Quantitation with PerkinElmer’s ProteinEXact™ Assay; Presented by Rachel G.

Phenomenex, Inc.
A81.    Analytical Comparison of Infliximab and Related Biosimilars; Presented by Brian R.

PhyNexus, Inc.
A82.    Automated Plasmid Prep and Optimized Protein Separation Using PhyTip Columns; Presented by Shadie N.

A83.    Development of an Advanced CHO Cell Expression System for Increased Transient Protein Production; Presented by Perrine F.

Promega Corporation
A84.    Evaluating a No-Wash Rapid FcRn Immunoassay to Guide Development of Antibody Therapeutics; Presented by Michael B.

Promega Corporation
A85.    Reproducible, MoA-Reflecting Reporter-Based Bioassays to Enable Drug Development of Biosimilars and Biobetters; Presented by Jeff N.

Promega Corporation
A86.    Side Effect-Free Protein Sample Preparation for Peptide Mapping; Presented by Sergei S.

Protein Dynamic Solutions, Inc.
A87.    Novel Crystallization Screening Method for Proteins and Protein-Complexes; Presented by Belinda P.

ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand
A88.    Maurice CE-SDS PLUS Performance Characterization: Enhanced Data Quality for Size-Based Protein Analysis; Presented by Irina K.

Roche Diagnostics GmbH
A89.    High-Throughput In-Silico and In-Vitro Developability Analysis of Complex Biopharmaceuticals; Presented by Alejandro C.

Roche Diagnostics GmbH
A90.    Control Strategies for Fc Effector Function in Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Diana P.

A91.    Which Antibody Source Leads to Success? A Comparison Study Between Immune, Synthetic, and Naive Libraries for Phage Display Antibody Discovery; Presented by Emmanuelle V.

A92.    Increasing the Sensitivity of IgG Purity and Heterogeneity Assay on PA 800 Plus by Using Fluorescent Labels; Presented by Quincy M.

Spectradyne LLC
A93.    Where’s My Peak?: Separating Truth from Fiction in Label-Free Measurements of Biological Nanoparticles; Presented by Lew B.

Spheryx, Inc.
A94.    Detecting, Counting and Characterizing Sub-Visible Protein Aggregates with Holographic Video Microscopy; Presented by Laura P.

SRI International
A95.    Rapid Discovery of Synthetic Affinity Reagents Using Fiber Optic Array Scanning Technology (FAST); Presented by Peter M.

SRI International
A96.    Cancer-Specific Intracellular Delivery of Therapeutic Antibodies Against RAS; Presented by Michael M.

Syntekabio, Inc.
A97.    NEOscan: AI Deep Learning of MD Simulation Conformers for MHC-Peptide Binding Affinity; Presented by Jongsun J.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.
A98.    Immunocapture-LC/MS Based Assay Platform to Evaluate the Target Engagement and Pharmacodynamics of Antibody-Drug Conjugates; Presented by Hiroshi S.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
A99.    ExpiSf™ Expression System: A Chemically Defined Baculovirus-Based Expression System for Enhanced Protein and Virus Production in Sf9 Cells; Presented by Kenneth T.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
A100.Optimized Expression of Membrane Proteins in the Expi293 and ExpiCHO Expression Systems: New Tools for Difficult to Express Proteins; Presented by Jonathan Z.

Thomson Instrument Company
A101.Harvesting CHO and HEK293 Cells with the Rapid Clear® Cap Provides 0.2μm Sterile Filtration in a Fraction of the Time Required by Traditional Clarification Methods; Presented by Sam E.

Tilos Therapeutics
A102.Locking the Latency Cage: Anti-LAP Antibodies to Target TGF-Beta in a Context Dependent Manner; Presented by Randall B.

Twist BioScience
A103.Precision Synthesis of Variant Libraries Enables Comprehensive Interrogation of Single Site Variant Space; Presented by Sonya C.

Twist BioScience
A104.A High-Throughput Platform to Develop Highly Potent and Functional Antibodies Against G-Protein Coupled Receptors; Presented by Pankaj G.

Twist BioScience
A105.Twist Bioscience's Silicon-Based DNA Synthesis Platform Enables the Construction of Focused Variant Libraries with Unprecedented Precision; Presented by Lucy X.

Twist BioScience
A106.Rapid Optimization and Humanization of an Anti-PD1 Antibody; Presented by Tom Y.

Unchained Labs
A107.Big Tuna, Uncle and Stunner Together Make Protein Formulation Selection a Breeze; Presented by Robin S.

University of British Columbia
A108.Streamlining the Capture of Membrane Proteins into Peptidiscs; Presented by Franck D.

University of Chicago
A109.Extracellular Matrix-Binding Immunotherapies Show Enhanced Antitumor Efficacy and Reduced Adverse Events; Presented by Jun I.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
A110.Using Nanobodies to Determine Whether Deubiquitinases Are Therapeutic Targets; Presented by Lin Hui C.*

Vaccinex, Inc.
A111.Use of Mammalian Virus Display to Select Antibodies Specific for Complex Membrane Antigens; Presented by Ernest S.

Waters Corporation
A112.Designing a New Particle Technology and pH Gradient Mobile Phase Concentrates for Robust, High Resolution Charge Variant Analysis of mAbs; Presented by Steven C.

Waters Corporation
A113.A New LC-MS Approach for Enhancing Subunit-Level Profiling of mAbs and ADCs; Presented by Xiaoxiao L.

xCella Biosciences
A114.High-Throughput Functional Screening of Antibody Libraries; Presented by Bob C.

Yumab GmbH
A115.Natural and Fully Human Antibodies for Therapy; Presented by Jonas K.


Presenting Wednesday – Thursday

B1.      Exploring the Ever-Evolving Bioanalytical Strategy for ADCs from Discovery to the Clinic; Presented by Edit T

B1.      Exploring the Ever-Evolving Bioanalytical Strategy for ADCs from Discovery to the Clinic; Presented by Edit T.

B2.      Unlocking the Power of the Immune Repertoire: Functional Annotation of Repertoire Antibody Sequence Data by Overlaying Functional Information from Single B Cell Screening; Presented by Katherine L.

B3.      Development of a Novel Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B Vaccine Candidates Using Protein Structure Modeling; Presented by Jun Young C.

ABL Bio, Inc.
B4.      The PD-L1 x 4-1BB Bispecific Antibody ABL503 Shows Potent Anti-Tumor Effect Through Tumor-Directed T Cell Activation; Presented by Eun Young P.

Absolute Antibody Ltd.
B5.      Fully Murine Knobs-into-Holes Bispecific as Surrogate Molecule for Drug Development Models; Presented by Michael F.

B6.      Consistent Anti-Idiotype Antibody Discovery Enabled by Hyperimmune Mouse Technology; Presented by Tracey M.

Abzyme Therapeutics
B7.      Development of VHH Antibodies to Biomarkers of Hematological Malignancies for BITE and CAR-T Therapies; Presented by Hiep T.

ADC Biotechnology Ltd.
B8.      Value Proposition of Integrated ADC Manufacturing Processes – Use of Economic Modelling; Presented by Jon G.

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services
B9.      Development of a Novel Chemical Site-Specific Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Conjugation Platform-AJICAP™ Technology; Presented by Yutaka M.

Alcyomics Ltd.
B10.    Determining Immunogenicity of Anti-Viral Specific T Cells Using a Human In Vitro Skin Explant Model; Presented by Asif T.

Alligator Bioscience AB
B11.    RUBY™ - A Novel Recombinant Universal Bispecific Antibody Format for Generation of Bsab with Outstanding Stability, Manufacturability and Shorter Development Timelines; Presented by Anna S.

Amberstone Biosciences, Inc.
B12.    Functional Screening of Immunotherapeutics Using Innovative AmberFlow Single Cell Platform Technology; Presented by George W.

Amgen, Inc.
B13.    An Automated Immunoaffinity Purification and CE MS (IA-CE-MS) Workflow for Catabolite Identification and Quantification of Therapeutic Proteins; Presented by Noor B.

Apogenix AG
B14.    HERA-CD40L: A Unique Hexavalent CD40 Agonist for Cancer Immunotherapy; Presented by Karl H.

Applied Photophysics Ltd.
B15.    More than α-Helix and β-Sheet: Expanding the Role of Circular Dichroism; Presented by Martin H.

Aptevo Therapeutics
B16.    Screening Next Generation ADAPTIR™ Bispecific Proteins for Manufacturability and Function; Presented by David B.

Aptevo Therapeutics
B17.    Preclinical Safety and Efficacy of a Tumor-Directed 4-1BB x 5T4 ADAPTIR™ Bispecific Antibody; Presented by Catherine M.

Arcturus Therapeutics
B18.    Challenges and Potential Solutions for Development of Successful Potency Assay in mRNA Therapeutics; Presented by Hari B.

B19.    Machine Learning for Predictive Antibody Design and Humanization; Presented by Claes G.

Avacta Life Sciences
B20.    Development and Validation of Affimer-Based Adalimumab-TNFa Complex Specific Reagents; Presented by Matt J.

Avacta Life Sciences
B21.    Affimer Anti-Idiotypic Binders: Critical Reagents for Clinical Ligand Binding Assays; Presented by Fran M.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
B22.    Developing a PCSK9-Competitive Inhibitor as a Therapeutic Agent for Reducing Blood Cholesterol Levels; Presented by Lital B.*

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
B23.    Utilizing Bioorthogonal Chemistry for Improving the Pharmacokinetic Properties and Inhibitory Activity of N-TIMP2; Presented by Hezi H.*

B24.    Raising the Capacity of Adeno-Associated Virus Capsid by the Capsomere Point Mutations; Presented by Sergey L.

B25.    Rapid Automated Scaffolding for Antibody Characteristics Improvement; Presented by Pavel Y.

Bioinformatics Solutions, Inc.
B26.    Automated Workflow for Identifying Neoantigens for Personalized Cancer Vaccines by Personalized De Novo Peptide Sequencing; Presented by Wen Z.

BioPharma Translationsinstitut Dessau Forschungs GmbH
B27.    TrypCo® Technology: A Versatile Enzymatic Tool for Site-Specific Generation of ADCs; Presented by Rene W.

Bruker Daltonics
B28.    Intelligent Biophysical Screening and Characterization for Fragments and Biologics at Scale with the Bruker Sierra SPR-32; Presented by Adam M.

California Institute of Technology
B29.    Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Against HCV Use a CDRH3 Motif to Recognize a Conserved Site in HCV E2 Glycoprotein; Presented by Andrew F.

Catalent Biologics
B30.    Maytansine-Bearing ADCs Induce In Vitro Hallmarks of Immunogenic Cell Death Selectively in Antigen-Positive Target Cells; Presented by Robyn B.

Catalent Biologics
B31.    Achieving Unique Synergies in Antibody Expression when Combining GPEx® Cell Line Development Technology with the Beacon® Platform for Clonal Cell Line Selection; Presented by Greg B.

Catalent Pharma Solutions
B32.    Biophysical Characterization of the F(ab')[2] and Fab Fragments Along with the Intact Molecule of a Therapeutic IgG[1] by Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation and Size-Exclusion Chromatography Multi-Angle Light Scattering; Presented by Brent K.

Cayman Chemical
B33.    Development and Validation of a Sensitive Immunoassay for Monitoring Second Messenger 2'3'-cGAMP; Presented by Liz N.

Celemics, Inc.
B34.    TrueRepertoire™: High-Fidelity NGS-Based Antibody Sequencing and Repertoire Analysis; Presented by Okju K.

Celgene Corporation
B35.    Engineering of a Bispecific Antibody Tuned for Tissue Selective Binding of a Ubiquitously Expressed Antigen; Presented by Bellos H.

Centre for Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics
B36.    High Yield Transient Production of Antibody and Protein Products with the Quality Required for Use in Preclinical Program Development; Presented by Sarah B.

Charles River Laboratories
B37.    Challenges in an ADA Assay Design to Support Gene Therapy Programs; Presented by Leslie K.

Chemical Computing Group
B38.    Modeling 10000 Antibodies in About an Hour: Leveraging the Power of the Amazon Cloud; Presented by Steven A.

Chemical Computing Group
B39.    Predicting Protein-Protein Binding Sites and Epitope Mapping; Presented by Nels T.

Chungnam National University
B40.    The Signal Peptide Effect on Antibody Production; Presented by Sungsub K.

B41.    Engineering Modification Enzymes for Biologics and Nucleic Acid Applications with CodeEvolver® Protein Engineering Technologies; Presented by Joyce L.

Cornell University
B42.    Quantifying the Intracellular Degradation Rate of Stimuli-Responsive Drug Carriers; Presented by Michelle S.*

Crescendo Biologics Ltd.
B43.    CB307, a Novel T-Cell Costimulatory Humabody Therapeutic for PSMA-Positive Tumours; Presented by Brian M.

DevaCell, Inc.
B44.    Stealth Targeted Nano Coatings for Oncolytic Viruses for Repeat Systemic Administration; Presented by Inanc O.

DevaCell, Inc.
B45.    Removable Nanolayer Coatings for Oncolytic Viruses for Improved Freeze/Thaw Stability and Shelf Life; Presented by Jeff S.

Development Center for Biotechnology
B46.    Tri-Mannosyl Antibody: A Novel Site-Specific and Dual Payload Glycoengineering Antibody Drug Conjugation Platform by Glycoengineering; Presented by Shih-Chong T.

B47.    Structure-Guided Molecular Cloning for Improving Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Stability in Protein Design; Presented by Steven D.

Dublin City University
B48.    Unlocking Biological Discovery at the Single Cell Level; Presented by Ciara B.*

Dublin City University
B49.    Antibody-Based Targeted Detection of Potato Virus Y and Rhynchosporium Commune; Presented by Arabelle C.*

Dublin City University
B50.    Rapid Single-Chain Based Engineering for the Creation of a Flexible Anti-HER2 x Anti-CD3ɛ Bispecific T-Cell Engager (BiTE); Presented by Aoife C.

Dublin City University
B51.    Metabolomic-Based Biomarker Approaches to Understand Human Exposure to Potent Carcinogenic Fresh Water Toxins; Presented by Jenny F.

Dublin City University
B52.    Enhancing the Performance of Recombinant Antibodies Against Rhyncosporium Commune and Potato Virus Y Using Computational Analysis and In Vitro Techniques; Presented by Caroline M.

Eli Lilly and Company
B53.    Post-Hoc Assessment of the Immunogenicity of Three Antibodies Reveals Distinct Immune Stimulatory Mechanisms; Presented by Robin W.

B54.    Assessing T Cell Receptor Engineered T Cells for Antigen Specificity and Alloreactivity; Presented by Alessandra D.

EpiVax, Inc.
B55.    Innovative Preclinical Assessment Tools for Safety and Efficacy of Protein and Peptide Therapeutics...Of Peptides and P-ANDAS; Presented by Brian R.

Fluidic Analytics Ltd.
B56.    Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS) for Protein Characterization - Latest Results and Next Steps; Presented by Jonathan F.

Food and Drug Administration
B57.    Deciphering Protein O-Glycosylation: Solid-Phase Chemoenzymatic Cleavage and Enrichment; Presented by John C.

Forschungszentrum Juelich
B58.    sFIDA - Novel Technology for Counting and Sizing of Single Protein Aggregates; Presented by Oliver B.

Fusion Antibodies Ltd.
B59.    Designing an Affinity Maturation Library for Trastuzumab; Presented by James M.

Genedata AG
B60.    A Platform Approach to Manage Developability and Manufacturability Risks of Biologics Molecules; Presented by Guido C.

Genedata, Inc.
B61.    End-to-End Workflow Platform for Integrated Biopharmaceutical Development; Presented by Amanda F.

Genedata, Inc.
B62.    Design, Generation, and Evaluation of TCR-, TCR Mimetic- and CAR-Based Therapeutics for Cancer Immunotherapy; Presented by Andrew L.

Genedata, Inc.
B63.    Employing the MS-Based Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) for Automated Quality Monitoring of Biotherapeutics; Presented by Joe S.

Genedata, Inc.
B64.    High-Throughput Screening, Design, Production, and Evaluation of Bispecific Antibodies; Presented by Joylon T.

Genentech, Inc.
B65.    A High Throughput Approach to Construct Generation and Expression Screening for Recombinant Protein Production; Presented by Shu T.

GenScript USA, Inc.
B66.    A Novel Method for Constructing Diverse Variant Libraries with Precise Codon Ratio Control; Presented by Andrew L.

GenScript USA, Inc.
B67.    SMAB (Single-Domain Antibody Fused to Monoclonal Antibody) Bispecific Antibody: From Rational Design to Preclinical Development; Presented by John F.

GenScript USA, Inc.
B68.    High Density Expression Platform, One Stop Solution for Recombinant Antibody Production from GenScript; Presented by Bowu L.

GenScript USA, Inc.
B69.    GMP Plasmid and Virus Production for CAR-T Cell Therapy; Presented by Sasidhar M.

GenScript USA, Inc.
B70.    Novel Solutions for HTP Antibody Purification Using Magnetic Beads; Presented by Nishant S.

GenScript USA, Inc.
B71.    Commercial Cell Line and Process Development - Biologics IND Application: CMC Platform by GenScript; Presented by Leon S.

Georgia Institute of Technology
B72.    Development of Conformational Antibodies Targeting Glaucoma-Associated Myocilin; Presented by Athena P.*

B73.    High-Throughput Characterization of Residual Hydrogen Peroxide in Drug Product; Presented by Maria C.

B74.    Establishing a High-Throughput Protein Production Platform for Rapid Antigen Screening; Presented by Dongjun P.

Halo Labs
B75.    HORIZON - High Throughput Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis; Presented by John P.

B76.    Overcoming Limitations of Conventional Tag Systems - Strep-Tactin XT Applications; Presented by Dennis K.

Icosagen Cell Factory OU
B77.    Stable Episomal Expression System in CHO Cells to Accelerate Non-GMP Production of Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Lauri P.

Icosagen Cell Factory OU
B78.    HybriFree: A Robust and Rapid Method for the Development of Therapeutic Antibodies from Rabbit and Chicken; Presented by Birgit V.

IGM Biosciences, Inc.
B79.    Modulating Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity of a Bispecific Therapeutic IgM by FcMu Engineering; Presented by Ramesh B.

Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH
B80.    Immatics' Discovery and Validation Platform for Tumor-Specific T Cell Receptors; Presented by Sara Y.

Immunocore Ltd.
B81.    ImmTAC™: Engineering Soluble Bispecific TCRs, with High Specificity and Affinity, to Treat Cancer; Presented by Jonathan C.

Immunocore Ltd.
B82.    Novel ImmTAV™ Molecules for the Treatment of HBV; Presented by Marcin D.

ImmunXperts SA
B83.    Early Immunogenicity Risk Assessment: A Suite of Assays to Guide Lead Candidate Selection; Presented by Sofie P.

Integral Molecular
B84.    Screening the Membrane Proteome to Determine Antibody Specificity and Discover New Immuno-Oncology Targets; Presented by Duncan H.

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc.
B85.    Expanding Functionality of Automated Liquid Handling Systems by Incorporating INtip Chemistries for High Throughput Protein Purification; Presented by Andrew L.

Iontas Ltd.
B86.    Generating Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Kv1.3 Ion Channel by Fusing Venom Derived Mini Proteins into Peripheral CDR Loops of Antibodies; Presented by Neil B.

Janssen Research and Development
B87.    A Case Study: Addressing Assay Curve Shifts in a Bioassay for a Late Stage Therapeutic Antibody; Presented by Tony D.

JOINN Biologics US, Inc.
B88.    Case Study for Developability Assessment of Three Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Zhiping Y.

Kempbio, Inc.
B89.    A Rapid Recombinant Murine IgG Productivity Screen Based on Prepacked Protein A Columns; Presented by Chris K.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
B90.    Synthetic mRNA Designs for the Enhancement of the Chaperone-Mediated Solubilization of Recombinant Proteins in Escherichia coli; Presented by Thi Thuy N.*

B91.    Cell-Based Screening to Identify a Lead Humanised Antibody-Drug Conjugate; Presented by Siobhan l.

Ligand OmniAb
B92.    The Next Generation Transgenic Chicken for Bispecific Antibody Applications; Presented by Kathryn H. C.

Lonza Biologics
B93.    Utilising GS PiggyBac™ Transposon Technology to Enhance the Performance of the Lonza GS Gene Expression System® in Stable CHO Pool Construction; Presented by Peter O.

B94.    Measuring T-Cell Avidity and Enrichment Using Acoustic Force-Based Technology; Presented by Trey S.

Mabylon AG
B95.    Engineering Multi-Specific Antibodies for Prophylactic Treatment of Allergies; Presented by Dimitri B.

B96.    Identification of VHH Against Bacterial Targets Using Synthetic VHH Yeast Display Library and Llama Immunization; Presented by Alla A.

B97.    Towards an Oral Immunoprophylaxis: The Effect of Formulation on Secretory IgA Stability; Presented by Matteo S.

B98.    Effect of Antibody Isotype, Multimerization, and Variable Region Evaluated Using an In Vitro Gastrointestinal Stability Assay; Presented by Aaron W.

Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
B99.    The P4EU (Protein Production and Purification Partnership in Europe) Network; Presented by Sabine S.

Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
B100.Implementation of Simple Protein Quality Control Guidelines to Improve Scientific Data Quality and Reproducibility; Presented by Sabine S.

MaxCyte, Inc.
B101.CRISPR-Based Engineering of CHO Cell Lines; Presented by Joan H.

MaxCyte, Inc.
B102.Strategies for Improved Protein Expression, Production Timelines and Laboratory Productivity Using CHO Cell Transient Expression; Presented by Weili W.

Merck & Co., Inc.
B103.Implementation of a Novel Western-Based Approach for the Identification of Anti-Drug Antibody Responses Against Camelid VHH Biologics (Nanobodies) by Capillary Electrophoresis (WESADA); Presented by Derek W.

B104.Generation of a Modular Landing Pad Cell Line for T Cell Receptor Exchange and Screening; Presented by Stacey W.

MOGAM Institute for Biomedical Research
B105.T Cell Engaging Bispecific Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy; Presented by Aerin Y.

National Research Council Canada
B106.ADAPTing CDR-H3: Re-Engineering H3 Loops With Germline Derived Sequences; Presented by Christopher C.

National Research Council Canada
B107.Quantification and Modeling of Lysine Conjugation Susceptibilities in ADCs; Presented by Traian S.

National Research Council Canada
B108.Structure-Based Engineering of pH-Dependent Antibody Binding for Selective Targeting of Tumor Microenvironment; Presented by Traian S.

Newcastle University
B109.Assessing Adverse Immune Reactions to Biopharmaceuticals and Aggregated Monoclonal Antibodies in Both a Human In Vitro Skin Explant Assay and Clinical; Presented by Louis B.*

NovoAb Bioanalytics
B110.Epitope, Paratope and HOS Comparability: Complete Analysis by High-Resolution HDX-MS; Presented by Jason P.

Numab Innovation AG
B111.Functional and Biophysical Characterization of a Novel, Monovalent Tri-Specific Antibody-Based Molecule that Simultaneously Modulates PD-L1 and 4-1BB and Exhibits Potent Anti-Tumoral Activity In Vivo; Presented by Stefan W.

Oxford Genetics
B112.Development of a Novel Membrane-Protein Specific Mammalian Display System; Presented by Ryan C.

Paul Scherrer Institute
B113.Overcoming Limitations of Current Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) by a Novel Linker Technology; Presented by Philipp S.

B114.Addressing Large-Scale Therapeutic Virus Production Using High Quality Grade PEI-Based Transfection Reagents; Presented by Brian B.

Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais
B115.Computational Protein Expression Environments by mRNA Translation Simulation; Presented by Barbara M.*

Promega Corporation
B116.Releasing the Brakes: Quantitative Cell-Based Bioassays to Advance Individual and Combination Immune Checkpoint Immunotherapy; Presented by Julia G.

Promega Corporation
B117.Bridging MOA-Based Reporter Bioassays with PBMC Based ADCC for Immunotherapy Drug Development; Presented by Manuela G.

Promega Corporation
B118.A Novel, Bioluminescent Assay for the Selective Detection of Target Cell Killing in Mixed Cultures; Presented by Chris H.

Promega Corporation
B119.Hitting the Gas: Quantitative Cell-Based Bioassays to Advance Immunotherapy Programs Targeting Co-Stimulatory Immune Checkpoint Receptors; Presented by Tim L.

Promega Corporation
B120.High-Throughput, Transfection-Grade Plasmid Purification Without Centrifugation Using Paramagnetic Particles; Presented by Claire L.

Protein Dynamic Solutions, Inc.
B121.Watching Drug Stabilizers Misbehave: Real-Time Monitoring and Characterization of Trehalose Crystallization Using the ProteinMentor 2D IR Platform; Presented by Selena L.

RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc.
B122.Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy Analysis of a Monoclonal Antibody in Two Different Buffers; Presented by Libo W.

Roche Diagnostics GmbH
B123.Making Room for Two Paratopes on an Fv: Introducing the DutaFab Platform; Presented by Davide B.

Rutgers University
B124.Improving Cancer Screening with a Novel Protein Energetics Model and Microfluidics; Presented by Zachary F.*

Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
B125.Use of CODV-Format as a Platform to Address Diverse Biology; Presented by Christian B.

Sanquin Diagnostics BV
B126.Selection of the Right Cell-Based Potency Assays - Analysis of Proliferation by Dye-Dilution vs 3H-Thymidine Incorporation; Presented by Annelies T.

B127.Rapid Assembly of Synthetic DNA Libraries for Generating Antibody Diversity; Presented by Jennifer E.

SRI International
B128.A Synthetic Cell-Mediated Immunotherapy for Treatment of Lung and Breast Cancer; Presented by Kathlynn B.

State University of New York at Binghamton
B129.Thiolation of Q295: A Simple Strategy for the Site-Specific Conjugation of Hydrophobic Payloads to Native Antibodies; Presented by Nathan T.

State University of New York at Buffalo
B130.A Platform Engineering Approach for the Design of Recycling Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Andrew K.*

Suzhou Alphamab Co., Ltd.
B131.KN046: A Novel Bispecific Antibody that Preferentially Targets CTLA-4 on PD-L1 High Expressing Tumor Microenvironment; Presented by Kangping G.

SynAffix BV
B132.The Native Antibody Glycan as Attachment Site for Cytotoxic Payloads Contributes to the Superiority of GlycoConnect™ ADCs; Presented by Remon V.

Synbio Technologies LLC
B133.Novel Antibody Discovery Through DNA Approaches; Presented by Xiaohui C.

TA Instruments-Waters LLC
B134.Antibody-Drug Conjugate Proteomic and Calorimetric Characterization Following Divergent Preparation Paths; Presented by Colette Q.

Takara Bio USA, Inc.
B135.Rapid Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies: Capturem High-Capacity Membranes; Presented by Gia J.

TeneoBio, Inc.
B136.A Novel CD19 x CD3 Bispecific Antibody that Promotes Tumor Cell Lysis with Minimal Cytokine Release; Presented by Laura D.

TeneoBio, Inc.
B137.Efficient In Vivo Tumor Clearance and Minimal Cytokine Release with a Novel T-Cell Engaging Bispecific Antibody Platform; Presented by Shelley F.

TeneoBio, Inc.
B138.Alternatives to Protein A for Capturing of Fc-Containing Bispecific Antibodies; Presented by YuPing L.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
B139.Site-Specific Conjugation of Metal-Chelating Polymers for Radioimmunotherapy Applications; Presented by Brian A.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
B140.C-Tag Affinity Tag, from Routine Protein Purification to Use in a cGMP Production Process; Presented by Bruce D.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
B141.Strategies for High-Titer Protein Expression Using the ExpiCHO and Expi293 Transient Expression Systems; Presented by Chao Yan L.

Thomson Instrument Company
B142.Simplified Sample Preparation of Antibodies for Purity Determination by SEC-HPLC; Presented by Daniel K.

Tosoh Corporation
B143.Fc Gamma RIIIA Affinity Chromatography, A Novel Analysis Method for the Quality of Therapeutic Antibody; Presented by Toru T.

B144.Statistical Design for Effector Function Engineering of Hexameric Fc Domains; Presented by James B.

B145.Bispecific Target Discovery by High Throughput Functional Screening of Hundreds of Combinations of Different Target Pairs; Presented by Helene F.

Unchained Labs
B146.Knock Out Protein Quantification and Quality in One Shot; Presented by Lisa A.

University of California, Irvine
B147.Single Cell Microfluidics System Enables Direct Functional Screening of Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Yonglei S.

University of California, Irvine
B148.Functional TCR-T Cell Screening Using Single-Cell Droplet Microfluidics; Presented by Weian Z.

University of California, San Diego
B149.Comparative Analysis of Immunoglobulin IGHD Genes in Vertebrates; Presented by Vinnu B.*

University of California, San Francisco
B150.Engineering Antibody Conjugation; Presented by Susanna E.*

University of California, San Francisco
B151.Engineering Single-Chain Antigen-Binding Fragment Domains for Intracellular Targeting and Therapeutic Cellular Engineering; Presented by Duy N.

University of Leeds
B152.Advances in the Use of Sortases for Protein Labelling; Presented by Zoe A.

University of Muenster
B153.High-Sensitivity HDX-MS to Identify Modification-Induced Conformational Changes of Biopharmaceuticals; Presented by Felix K.*

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)
B154.Construction of a Molecular ON-Switch for Controlling CAR T Cells with an Orally Available Small Molecule; Presented by Michael T.

University of Pennsylvania
B155.Cytoplasmic Delivery of Inhibitory Antibodies; Presented by Andrew T.

University of Toronto
B156.Investigation of Non-Specific Binding in Antibody-Polymer Conjugates Used for Theranostic Radioimmunoconjugates; Presented by Penny L.*

Uppsala University
B157.Over the BBB and into the Cell - Pursuing Intracellular Targets for Immunotherapy of Parkinson's Disease; Presented by Sofia S.

Vaccinex, Inc.
B158.Selection of Antibodies Specific for Simple and Complex Membrane Antigens Using Mammalian Virus Display; Presented by Maria S.

Visterra, Inc.
B159.Pharmacophore-Based Protein Surface Patch Searching and Its Application to In Silico Antibody Engineering; Presented by Tanggis B.

Xell AG
B160.WHAT A CELL WANTS, WHAT A CELL NEEDS - Optimizing Protein Expression Using Xell's Culture Media and Comprehensive Spent Media Analysis Platform; Presented by Frederik W.

Xencor, Inc.
B161.Tumor Selective Cytotoxicity by TAA x CD3 Bispecifics Utilizing a 2:1 Mixed-Valency Format; Presented by Alex N.

State University of New York Polytechnic Institute
B162.Optimization of Heparan Sulfate Expression and Purification in Batch Shake-Flask Studies; Presented by Susan S

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