Top Pharma at PEGS Boston 2021

Participation by industry is once again strong, with more than 40 presentations and live Q&A sessions from top pharma including AbbVie, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Biogen, Genentech, Eli Lilly, GSK, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, and more. Below is just a sample of what will be presented*.


Improving the Drug-Like Properties of Affinity-Matured Antibodies via BioQSPR
Christopher Negron, PhD, Senior Scientist, Antibody Modeling, AbbVie

Stromal Targeting Antibody-Drug Conjugates – Learnings from ABBV-085
James W. Purcell, PhD, Project Director, Oncology Discovery, AbbVie


An Automated and Unbiased Peptide Mapping Approach for Site-Specific Glycosylation Fingerprinting of Highly Glycosylated Proteins
Dhanashri Bagal, PhD, Senior Scientist, Discovery Attribute Sciences, Amgen

Denaturing and Native-MS in Biopharmaceutical Research: A Historical to Present Day Perspective
Iain Campuzano, PhD, FRSC, Senior Principal Scientist, Discovery Attribute Sciences, Amgen

Rational Selection of Building Blocks for the Assembly of Bispecific Antibodies
Fernando Garces, PhD, Principal Scientist, Therapeutic Discovery, Amgen


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: T Cell Engaging Antibody Circuits
Mark Cobbold, PhD, Vice President, Oncology Early Discovery, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

AstraZeneca Long-Acting Antibody Combination for the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19
Mark T. Esser, PhD, Vice President, Microbial Sciences, BioPharma R&D, AstraZeneca

Chemically Defined, High-Density Insect Cell-Based Expression System for Scalable AAV Vector Production
Yasuhiro Ikeda, PhD, Director, Cell Therapeutics, AstraZeneca

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Development through Production
Anthony R. Mire-Sluis, PhD, Head, Global Quality, AstraZeneca Biologics


New Analytical and Biophysical Tools to Minimize Sample Consumption for Release and Characterization Assays of AAV- and Protein-Based Products
George Bou-Assaf, PhD, Scientist, Analytical Development – Product & Technology Development, Biogen

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Intrinsic Physicochemical Profile of Biologic Medicines
Sandeep Kumar, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Computational Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Standard mAb ≠ Easy-to-Express: How the Production of Monoclonal Antibodies Can Turn into a Difficult-to-Express Challenge
Valerie Schmieder, PostDoc, Cell Line Development, Bioprocess Development, Biologicals, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Integrated Analytical Strategies for Attributes Characterization of ADCs and Fusion Proteins
Guodong Chen, PhD, Research Fellow, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Novel Antibody Engineering to Improve Therapeutic Index of Antibody Targeting Solid Tumors and Its Therapeutic Application
Naoka Hironiwa, PhD, Senior Scientist, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

ERY974, an Anti-Glypican 3/CD3 Bispecific T Cell-Redirecting Antibody for Treatment of Solid Tumors
Junichi Nezu, PhD, Vice President & Head, Research Division, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Eli Lilly & Co.

A Statistical Model Using Preclinical Assay Results to Predict Anti-Drug Antibody Incidence
Richard Higgs, Senior Research Fellow, Eli Lilly & Co.

The Method History Report: An Adaptable Tool for Communicating Immunogenicity Assay Development and Validation
Kristin Hollister, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Eli Lilly & Co.

Regulatory Perspectives and Learnings from the Accelerated Development of a Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody for COVID-19
Rimple Patwardhan, PhD, Research Scientist, CMC Regulatory Affairs, Eli Lilly & Co.

Preclinical Immunogenicity Assessment and De-Immunization of Antibodies
Yi Wen, PhD, Research Scientist, Lilly Research Laboratories, Eli Lilly & Co.


A Biological Rationale for Toxicity Mitigation with CD3 Bispecifics
Teemu T. Junttila, PhD, Principal Scientist, Translational Oncology, Genentech

Key Learnings and Approaches for Establishing a High-Throughput, Multi-Host Protein Expression Testing and Purification Platform
Edward Kraft, PhD, Senior Scientific Manager, BioMolecular Resources, Genentech

Investigating the Involvement of KIH Platform in the High Immunogenicity Findings of a Bispecific Antibody
Kate Peng, PhD, Director/Senior Scientist, BioAnalytical Sciences, Genentech

Gilead Sciences

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Anti-CD19 CAR T Cell Treatment for Lymphoma: Getting Closer to the Cure
Adrian Bot, PhD, Vice President and Global Head, Translational Medicine, Kite Pharma, a Gilead Company

Preclinical and Clinical Development of an Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antiviral
Mark Thrun, MD, Associate Director Human Immunodeficiency Virus Medical Science, Human Immunodeficiency Virus Medical Sciences, Gilead Sciences Inc.


Update on the Next Generation of Immuno-Oncology Treatments
Haijun Sun, PhD, Head, Antibody Pharmacology, GlaxoSmithKline


Strategies for Immunogenicity Assessment in a Biologic Drug’s Life
Linlin Luo, PhD, Director, Regulated Bioanalytical Group, Merck

Immunogenicity Risk Assessment Strategies for Engineered Antibodies
Michael D. Swanson, PhD, Senior Scientist, Biologics & Vaccines Bioanalytics, Merck


An Update on the Immunogenicity Risk-Profile for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in IO Trials
Mohamed Hassanein, PhD, Associate Director, Clinical Assay Lead (Biologics), Pfizer

Considerations for Managing Drug and Target Interference in Anti-Drug Antibody Assays
John Kamerud, PhD, Director, Bioanalytical, Pfizer

Method Crossovers from Proteins to Cell and Gene Therapies
Thomas F. Lerch, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Analytical R&D, Pfizer

Engineering CHO Metabolism to Reduce Biosynthesis of Metabolic Byproducts: Focus on Glycerol & Formate
Bhanu Chandra Mulukutla, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Group Leader, Process Development, Pfizer

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Combinatorial Approaches to Enhance Bispecific Anti-Tumor Efficacy
Eric Smith, PhD, Senior Director, Bispecifics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Rapid Selection, Characterization and Clinical Development of Fully-Human Antibodies against Emerging Infectious Diseases
Christos Kyratsous, PhD, Vice President, Research, Infectious Diseases & Viral Vector Tech, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Human Costimulatory Bispecific Antibodies in Cancer Immunotherapy
Dimitris Skokos, PhD, Senior Director, Cancer Immunology, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Bioengineering of Bispecific Antibodies – New Developments and Relevance of Binder-Format Combinations
Ulrich Brinkmann, PhD, Expert Scientist, Pharma Research & Early Development, Roche Innovation Center Zurich

Update on T Cell Bispecific Antibodies and Their Combination with 4-1BB Costimulation
Christian Klein, PhD, Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery, Roche Innovation Center Zurich, Roche Pharma Research & Early Development, pRED


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Tackling AIDS and Cancer with Trispecific Antibodies
Gary J. Nabel, MD, PhD, Former CSO, Sanofi

Trispecific Antibodies for Treating HIV Infection and Cancer
Zhi-Yong Yang, PhD, Director, Synthetic & Immune Biology, Synthetic & Immune Biology, Sanofi Group

Seattle Genetics

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: PADCEV (enfortumab vedotin): Road from Development to Approval
Marjorie C. Green, PhD, Senior Vice President & Head, Late Stage Development, Seattle Genetics

UCB Pharma

Protein Production: Dealing with the Unpredictable
Neesha Dedi, PhD, Senior Scientist, Protein Sciences, UCB Pharma

* As of 3/30/21 – Please see individual agenda pages for most up-to-date list of speakers.