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AbbVie, Inc.

Identifying Sequence and Structure Features for mAb Developability Assessment
Christopher Negron, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, AbbVie, Inc.

Cell Line Development Technologies for Antibody Discovery
Pragya Shah, PhD, Senior Scientist I, Biologics, AbbVie

In-Depth Biophysical Characterization of Alpha-Synuclein and Tau Fibrils – Understanding the Critical Properties of Seeding Potent Amyloid Fibrils
Xue (Snow) Yang, PhD, Senior Scientist, AbbVie, Inc.

Implementation Challenges: Staffing, IT/Data Landscape, and Change Management
Sukru Kaymakcalan, Director, R&D Information Research, AbbVie, Inc.


High-Throughput MS for Biopharma: Developing a Universal Modality and Target Independent Analytical Method and Its Application for Multi-Specific Antibody Characterization and Quantitation
Iain Campuzano, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Molecular Analytics, Amgen, Inc.

A Novel GIPR Antagonist Antibody and GLP-1 Peptide Conjugate (AMG 133) for Treatment of Obesity
Yuan Cheng, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Therapeutic Discovery, Amgen, Inc.

Addressing Real-World Challenges in AI-Guided Design and Optimization of Biologics
Christopher J. Langmead, PhD, Director of Digital Biologics Discovery, Amgen

Autonomous IL-36R Signaling in Neutrophils Activates Potent Anti-Tumor Effector Functions
Rajkumar Noubade, PhD, Senior Scientist, Amgen, Inc.

Biotinylated Protein Production in the Baculovirus Expression System
William Romanow, Senior Associate Scientist, Discovery Protein Sciences, Amgen, Inc.

Utility of SPR Technology in Biotherapeutic Development: Qualification for Intended Use
Wei Wang, PhD, Principal Scientist, Therapeutic Discovery, Amgen, Inc.

Integration of Process Analytical Technology and Model Predictive Control for Bioprocessing
Tony Wang, Senior Manager, Data Sciences, Amgen

Predicting scFv Thermostability Using Machine Learning on Sequence and Structure Features
Kathy Y. Wei, PhD, Senior Scientist, Protein Design, Amgen, Inc.


Next-Generation Immune Engagers
Yariv Mazor, PhD, Senior Director, R&D, Biologics Engineering, AstraZeneca

Immunogenicity Characterization for a Bispecific and ADA
Weiping Shao, PhD, Senior Group Director and Head of US GxP Testing Lab, AstraZeneca

Machine Learning Prediction of Methionine and Tryptophan Photooxidation Susceptibility
Jared Delmar, PhD, Associate Director, Biopharmaceutical Development, AstraZeneca

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Best Practices for Successful Digital Transformations
Rachel R. Kroe-Barrett, PhD, Executive Director, Biophysics, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Bristol Myers Squibb

Computational and in vitro Immunogenicity Strategies for Biotherapeutics and Novel Therapeutic Modalities
Jochem Gokemeijer, PhD, Senior Director, Molecular Discovery Technologies, Bristol Myers Squibb

Epitope Mapping of Biologics Using Carbene Chemical Footprinting and Mass Spectrometry
Jason Hogan, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

Risk Mitigation of Next-Generation CAR T Modalities through Reverse Translation
Vibha Jawa, PhD, Executive Director, Nonclinical Disposition and Bioanalysis, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

Implementation of Data Science and Digital Applications in Analytical Development
Ruojia Li, PhD, Associate Director, CMC Statistics & Data Science, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

What’s in Your Toolbox? Analytical Strategies for Agile Viral Vector PD
Brenna Kelley-Clarke, Senior Director, Gene Delivery Process & Analytical Development, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

Eli Lilly

Analytical Ultracentrifugation for Aggregate Quantitation – The Dos (and Some Don’ts)
Ivan Budyak, PhD, Director, Analytical Development, Biophysical Characterization, Eli Lilly and Co.


PROTABs for Targeted Degradation of Transmembrane Proteins
Nicholas Agard, PhD, Principal Scientist, Antibody Engineering, Genentech, Inc.

Stability-Engineered, Half-Life Extended IL-18 for Cancer Immunotherapy
Travis W. Bainbridge, Scientist 4, Large Molecule Drug Discovery, Genentech, Inc.

Development of T Cell Engagers Selective for Cells Co-Expressing Two Antigens
Danielle DiCara, PhD, Principal Scientific Researcher, Antibody Engineering, Genentech, Inc.

Discovery and Characterization of a Ligand-Selective Anti-Notch2 Antibody for Muco-Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders
Adel ElSohly, PhD, Group Leader, Protein Chemistry, Genentech, Inc.

Anti-CCR8 Mediated Treg Cell Depletion for the Treatment of Solid Tumor Indications: Preclinical PKPD and Translational Strategy
Gautham Gampa, PhD, Principal Scientist, Preclinical & Translational PKPD, Genentech, Inc.

GYST Platform: A Computational Sherpa for Augmented Exploration of Antibody Landscapes in Discovery and Engineering
Seth F. Harris, PhD, Director, Structural Biology, Genentech, Inc.

Leveraging Biotransformation Information to Engineer the Next-Generation of Novel Therapeutic Modalities
Hilda Hernández-Barry, Scientist, Genentech, Inc.

Antibody-Based Inhibition of Proteases to Target Inflammatory Diseases
James T. Koerber, PhD, Distinguished Scientist and Group Leader, Antibody Engineering, Genentech, Inc.

PROTABs: A Tool for Leveraging E3 Ubiquitin Ligases as Cell Surface Protein Degraders
Hadir Marei, PhD, Scientist III, Genentech

The Next Frontier in Machine Learning and Biologics: "Lab in a Loop" Large Molecule Drug Discovery, From Optimization to de novo Discovery
John Marioni, PhD, Senior Vice President and Head of Computation, Research and Early Development, Genentech

High-Throughput Bioanalytical Analyses of Bispecific Antibodies Using Intact Protein Mass Spectrometry Combined with Affinity Capture, Sample Stream, and FAIMS
Rachel Liuqing Shi, PhD, Principal Scientist, Genentech, Inc.

Characterizing the in vivo Stability of Atypical Large Molecule Modalities Using Complementary Bioanalytical Tools
Cong Wu, PhD, Senior Scientist, Biochemical & Cellular Pharmacology, Genentech, Inc.

End-to-End Multi-Host Screening Platform for Difficult-to-Express Proteins and Protein Complexes
Inna Zilberleyb, Scientist 4, Biomolecular Resources, Genentech, Inc.

Semi-Automated Multi-Host Mid-Scale Expression and Purification Platform
Inna Zilberleyb, Scientist 4, Biomolecular Resources, Genentech, Inc.

Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Engaging FLT3 to Promote Dendritic Cell Expansion and Drive the Adaptive Anti-Tumor Immune Response
Michelle R. Kuhne, PhD, Senior Scientist II, Gilead Sciences, Inc.


Computational Methods to Complement, Enrich, and Accelerate Antibody Discovery Programs
Daphne Truan, PhD, Associate Director, Protein Design and Informatics, GlaxoSmithKline

Optimizing C7 Antibodies for High Affinity, Developability, and Functionality for Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis
Ruud M. De Wildt, PhD, Senior Director & Head of Antibody Lead Discovery, GlaxoSmithKline

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Accelerating Therapeutics Discovery with Disruptive Digital Innovation
Peter Clark, PhD, Head, Computational Sciences & Engineering, Therapeutics Discovery, Janssen R&D 

Establishing a Workflow for Modern Mammalian Expression Platforms
Iman Farasat, PhD, Director, Biologics Discovery, Janssen R&D LLC

Structured Content and Data Management to Enable Digital Pharmaceutical Development and Automated Dossier Authoring
Gang Xue, PhD, Senior Scientific Director, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Merck Synthetic Single-Domain Antibody Libraries and the Phage-to-Yeast Workflow for Rapid VHH Discovery and Affinity Maturation
Ming-Tang Chen, PhD, Principal Scientist, Biologics Discovery, Merck Research Labs

Integration with Discovery Stage Computational Models and Machine Learning
Kevin Metcalf, PhD, Senior Scientist, Merck & Co.

Optimization of Our Rapid Antibody and Protein Therapeutic Omni Robot (RAPTOR) to Improve Throughput
Ayla O. Sessions, PhD, Associate Principal Scientist, Biologics Discovery & Engineering, Merck Research Labs

A Semi-Automated DoE-Based Approach to Accelerate Discovery and Engineering
Eric R Sterner, PhD, Sr Scientist, Biologics Discovery, Merck Research Labs

Bioanalytical Strategy and Streamlined Methods to Characterize Novel Drug Conjugates to Understand Efficacy/Toxicity
Jianzhong Wen, PhD, Principal Science & Group Leader, Merck & Co., Inc.

Novel Approach to Overcome Drug Interference in Neutralizing Antibody Assays
Dilki Wickramarachchi, PhD, Associate Principal Scientist, PPDM, Merck & Co.


Middle-Down and Bottom-Up Analysis of a Tri-Specific Protein Using Electron Activated Dissociation
Jenifer Kaplan, PhD, Principal Scientist I, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

Novo Nordisk AS

Language Model-Driven Data Generation and Optimization of Ab and Nb Therapeutics
Tileli Amimeur, Machine Learning – Scientist II, Novo Nordisk

Adapting Antibody Developability Assays to Machine Learning
Dennis Åsberg, PhD, Senior Scientist, Biophysics and Injectable Formulation, Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

Development of Machine Learning Models for Prediction of Antibody Non-Specificity
Laila Sakhnini, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Biophysics & Injectable Formulation, Novo Nordisk AS


Case Studies in Data Automation at Pfizer
Chris Burns, Senior Manager, Pfizer Inc.

Contemporary Biophysical Methods for More Efficient, Higher Resolution Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Higher Order Structure
Anne Kim, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist and Group Leader, Analytical R&D, Pfizer Inc.

Characterization of mRNA Fragments to Evaluate Risk of Truncated or Off-Target Antigen Expression
Thomas F. Lerch, PhD, Senior Director, Analytical R&D, Pfizer Inc.

Automated, High-Throughput Analysis of Multiple RNA Physicochemical Attributes
Sharon Polleck, Senior Research Scientist, Analytical R&D, Pfizer Inc.


Analytical Characterization of Therapeutic siRNAs
Daniel Dayeh, PhD, Scientist, Protein Biochemistry, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Applications of NMR and Statistical Methods in Establishing Analytical Comparability and Process Consistency of HOS in mAbs
Igor Dikiy, PhD, Scientist, Protein Biochemistry, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Assessment of Transgene Immunogenicity in Gene Therapies
Michael Partridge, PhD, Director, Bioanalytical Sciences, Regeneron

Targeted Therapies for the Enhancement of Anti-Tumor T Cell Responses
Eric Smith, PhD, Senior Director, Bispecifics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A Competitive Binding Mass Spectrometry Strategy for High-Throughput Evaluation of Potential Critical Quality Attributes of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
Yuetian Yan, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Immunogenicity Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Timothy Hickling, PhD, Head of Immunosafety, Roche

Partners-in-Crime: Co-Stimulation via 4-1BB or CD28 to Boost the Efficacy of T Cell Bispecifics
Christian Klein, PhD, Head of Oncology Programs and Department Head, Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery, Roche Innovation Center Zurich, Roche Pharma Research & Early Development, pRED

The Lab of the Future – Instrument and Data Flow via AutoLab
Manuela Machatti, Data and Automation Scientist, Roche

PD1-IL2v: PD-1-Cis IL-2Rbg Agonism Yields Better T Cell Effectors from Stem-Like CD8+ T Cells
Pablo Umaña, PhD, Head Oncology Discovery, Roche


Surface ID: A Deep Learning-Based Molecular Descriptor and a Useful Tool for Drug Discovery
Yu Qiu, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Sanofi Genzyme R&D Center

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Revolutionizing Rational Biologics Drug Discovery
Alexey Rak, PhD, Head, Biostructure and Biophysics, Sanofi

Developing an Integrated Summary of Immunogenicity to Assess Clinical Relevance of ADA/Nab
Susan Richards, PhD, FAAPS, Vice President, Translational Medicine and Early Development, Sanofi

Advancing Innovative Biologics Modalities from Research to Clinical Application – Novel Platforms, Automation, and Computation
Rebecca A. Sendak, PhD, Head, Global Large Molecules Research Platform, Sanofi

Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation (SV-AUC) is a Must-Have, First-Principles Tool in Gene Therapy Characterization
Ronald T. Toth, PhD, Senior Scientist, Characterization, Sanofi

Impact of Oxidation, Glycation, and Thermal Stress on the Structure and Function of the Efanesoctocog Alfa (BIVV001) Fusion Protein
Fatemeh Tousi, PhD, Senior Scientist, Bioanalytics, Sanofi

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