COVID Interventions

Accelerating Coronavirus Research & Development

With confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide surpassing 100 million and growing, scientists are working relentlessly to develop therapeutics and vaccines to slow the pandemic and halt the disease’s path. The scientific community has never been more united than now, where industry, governments and NGOs are coming together to meet this unprecedented challenge. CHI’s COVID Interventions Stream will bring together the stakeholders to discuss vaccine or therapeutic intervention strategies and platforms, explore partnerships for fast tracking to the clinic, scale up manufacturing and risk assessment.

Conferences Include:

May 11-12

Therapeutic Interventions for COVID-19

May 12-13

Accelerating Vaccine Development for COVID-19

Recommended Short Course:

SC1: CAR T Cell Therapy from A-Z

Instructor: Tara Arvedson, PhD, Executive Director, Oncology Research, Amgen, Inc.


Keynote Speakers:

Anna Saernefaelt, Lead, Chemistry & Manufacturing & Controls, CEPI

Baolin Zhang, PhD, Senior Investigator & Lead Product Reviewer, FDA CDER