Engineering Stream


The State of the Science in Biotherapeutics Research and Development

Each year, the PEGS Boston Engineering Stream examines the state of the science in biologics R&D, and for 2024, these three programs will explore smarter and higher throughput screening methods, novel discovery platforms, strategies for dealing with challenging targets and modalities, creative engineering approaches for improving the precision and efficacy of therapeutic antibodies and the increasing role of machine learning and AI in discovery and engineering. Leading industry and academic researchers join this stream every year at PEGS Boston to stay current on the most important advances in this dynamic field.

Conferences Include:

May 13-14

Display of Biologics

May 14-15

Engineering Antibodies

May 16-17

Machine Learning Approaches for Protein Engineering

Keynote Speakers Include:

mRNA-Encoded Monoclonal Antibodies to Combat Infectious Diseases
Laura WalkerLaura Walker, PhD, Head, Infectious Disease Biotherapeutic Discovery & Engineering, Moderna

Why Does the Virus Change Its Spots? The Role of Immunodominance in Viral Evolution
Stephen J. ElledgeStephen J. Elledge, PhD, Gregor Mendel Professor, Genetics & Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Launching into the Future: Sanofi’s Biologics AI Moonshot Program—Advancing AI Strategy and Innovation for Biologics
Maria WendtMaria Wendt, PhD, Global Head and Vice President, Digital and Biologics Strategy and Innovation, Sanofi

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