Training Seminars

Cambridge Healthtech Institute Training Seminars offer real-life case studies, problems encountered and solutions applied, along with extensive coverage of the academic theory and background. Each Training Seminar offers a mix of formal lecture and interactive discussions and activities to maximize the learning experience. These Training Seminars are led by experienced instructors who will focus on content applicable to your current research and provide important guidance for those new to their fields.

TS11A: Introduction to Immunology for Drug Discovery Scientists

MONDAY, August 31 - TUESDAY, September 1


8:30 am - 12:30 pm Seminar Sessions
2:20 - 1:30 Problem Solving Breakout Discussions
4:00 - 5:40 Plenary Keynote Session
5:40 - 7:15 pm Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing


8:30 am - 5:25 pm Seminar Sessions
12:30 - 1:00 pm Lunch Provided

Exhibit Hall Refreshment Breaks also provided.



Masha Fridkis-Hareli, MSc, PhD, Founder and President, ATR, LLC


This 1.5-day seminar will cover the fundamentals of human immunology for an audience of scientists across different backgrounds working in pharmaceutical and biotech organizations in programs related to immunotherapy. The course will cover a historical perspective, basic mechanisms, fundamental concepts and practical approaches to developing therapeutics and their combinations to modulate the immune system. Additionally, the class will offer perspectives on how immune responses can be monitored by assessment of biomarkers and modulated through biopharmaceutical intervention. Through group activities, attendees will actively review immunological concepts as well as design functional immunological assays and read-outs.

Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Introduction to the immune system
  • Innate immunity
  • Adaptive immunity
  • Infections, inflammation and cancer
  • Antigen generation, capture and presentation to lymphocytes
  • Effector mechanisms of cellular immunity
  • Antibody generation and antibody-mediated cytotoxicity
  • History and mechanisms of checkpoint-based therapeutic approaches
  • Engineered cellular therapies – CAR-T and dendritic cells
  • Cancer vaccines

Instructor Biography:

Fridkis-Hareli_MashaMasha Fridkis-Hareli, MSc, PhD, Founder and President, ATR, LLC

Masha Fridkis-Hareli, MSc, PhD, is an immunologist, consultant and inventor with over 20 years of experience in academia and industry. She is a Founder and President of ATR, LLC, a translational research company providing scientific consulting and laboratory services in immunoassay development to research institutions and the biotechnology industry. During her post-doctoral training at Harvard University, she designed and developed a group of novel compounds for treatment of autoimmune diseases. After serving as Principal Investigator at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Dr. Fridkis-Hareli transitioned to industry where she held a variety of positions with increasing responsibilities at Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals, Charles River Laboratories, Taligen Therapeutics and Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Fridkis-Hareli is a co-author of over 100 publications and 17 issued patents. She is an adjunct professor at the Harvard Extension School, Northeastern University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Framingham State University, where she teaches biotechnology and immunology courses at the graduate biotechnology programs.


Each CHI Training Seminar offers 1.5 days of instruction, refreshment breaks, exhibit hall functions, and lunch for all registered attendees on the full day of the class. Each person registered for the Training Seminar will be provided with a hard copy handbook for the Training Seminar in which they are registered. A limited number of additional handbooks may be available for other delegates. CHI encourages track hopping between conference programs, and we ask that Training Seminars not be disturbed once they have begun. We ask that attendees commit to attending the entire 1.5-day training, and not engage in track hopping once the class has started.