Solutions Theater

Tuesday, September 1

10:05 – 10:35am


DIMA_Biotechnology3:40 – 4:10pm

Wednesday, September 2

10:25 – 10:55am Novel Solution for High Throughput Antibody and Protein Purification Using Magnetic Beads

Taylor_SeanSean Taylor, Field Application Scientist Manager, CPBU, GenScript USA Inc.

With the ever-increasing demand for antibody and protein-based therapeutics, a flexible, simple and fast purification platform amenable to widely varying sample volumes and expression levels is critical for screening. Magnetic beads-based purification permits the direct incubation of the beads in cell culture (for secreted proteins) or crude lysates eliminating much of the sample preparation steps associated with chromatography. This simplified, time saving approach to direct target capture with high quality and purity is described.

4:05 – 4:35pm

Thursday, September 3


10:10 – 10:40am Global Screening of CD8 and CD4 T Cell Epitopes Using Yellow Fever Virus (YFV) as a Model System

Soren Buus, PhD, Professor, Department of Immunology and Microbiology, University of Copenhagen

An unbiased approach to T cell epitope discovery applicable to infectious pathogens (e.g. Covid19) and informing neoantigen discovery was developed. Overlapping peptides representing the YFV proteome were screened for CD8 & CD4 T cell responses in 210 primary vaccinated, HLA-typed donors. Positive responses were deconvoluted using predictors identifying suitable peptide-MHC targets, which were validated using peptide-MHC tetramers ≈90 and >50 YFV-specific, CD8 & CD4 T cell epitopes were identified, many of which were highly immunodominant.

12:40 – 1:10pm Solutions Theater Presentation (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)