Bispecific Antibodies


Achieving Unprecedented Efficacy in Biologics 

The bispecific antibodies stream at the PEGS Summit will take you from a comprehensive review of these constructs, through the engineering and platform development all the way to preclinical and clinical data. The improved functionality along with newly developed, innovative solutions for reducing toxicity and limiting side effects is resulting in unprecedented efficacy of bispecific antibodies. Don’t miss this exciting agenda and meet face to face with leaders in the industry. 


Conferences and Training Seminars Include:

May 2-3

Agenda 3TS3A: Introduction to Bispecific Antibodies: History, Engineering, and Application

May 3-4

Agenda 3Advancing Bispecific Antibodies and Combination Therapy to the Clinic

May 5-6

Agenda 3Engineering Bispecific Antibodies

Keynote Presentations:

Bispecific Antibodies – Fit for Purpose
Kontermann_RolandRoland Kontermann, PhD, Professor & Deputy Head, Biomedical Engineering, University of Stuttgart

Targeting the Target- Aligning Target and Biologics’ Format Biology to Achieve Desired Outcomes
Ghayur_TariqTariq Ghayur, PhD, Tariq Ghayur Consulting, LLC