Emerging Modalities Stream


Dawn of the Age of mRNA and Biotherapeutics for Non-Cancer Indications, and in vivo cell and gene therapies

A convergence of factors, including pipeline pressures, technology advances and the imperatives of the COVID-19 pandemic, have combined to make this an exciting time for biotherapeutics.  Therapeutic Antibodies are no longer only for cancer, and the pandemic crash-tested and soundly proved the concept of mRNA as a scaffold – validating a flexible platform with applications in both vaccines and therapeutics.  The PEGS Therapeutics stream showcases exciting new antibody strategies for therapeutic areas including autoimmunity, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, infectious diseases and neurodegeneration, and showcases exciting progress in groundbreaking applications of mRNA. The stream concludes with a track on novel immunotherapies and reprogramming the immune system via in vivo engineering and delivery.


Conferences Include:

May 15-16

Emerging Indications for Therapeutic Antibodies

May 16-17

mRNA Therapeutics

May 18-19

Next-Generation Immunotherapies

Keynote Presentations:

The State of the Science in Disease Modeling across Diverse Indications
Alex ZhavoronkovAlex Zhavoronkov, PhD, Founder & CEO, Insilico Medicine

In vivo Engineering Considering Probability of Technical, Regulatory, and Commercial Success
Nicholas A. BoyleNicholas A. Boyle, PhD, CEO, Abintus Bio

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