Expression Stream


Maximizing Quantity and Quality while Minimizing Time and Cost

Addressing the industry’s increasing needs for recombinant protein expression and production necessitates the utilization of advanced strategies and groundbreaking research, alongside the adoption and implementation of state-of-the-art tools and technologies. The Expression Stream 1) explores expression, production, and purification of difficult-to-express proteins 2) examines expression hosts to determine the best expression system for expressing your protein of choice and 3) concludes with management strategies in an efficient protein production laboratory. These strategic back-to-back meetings investigate the newest data, innovations, and strategies to make the expression of therapeutic proteins more efficient, effective, and trouble-free.

Conferences Include:

May 13-14

Difficult-to-Express Proteins

May 14-15

Optimizing Protein Expression

May 16-17

Maximizing Protein Production Workflows

Keynote Speakers Include:

Generating and Measuring Protein-Antibody Interactions in Cell-Free Lysate Reaction Systems without the Need for Protein Purification
Matthew ColemanMatthew Coleman, PhD, Senior Scientist & Group Leader, Biosciences and Biotechnology Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Addressing Difficult-to-Produce Protein Challenges in Discovery Research
Erik VernetErik Vernet, PhD, Senior Director, External Partnerships, Digital Science & Innovation, Novo Nordisk

Improving Protein Production from Insect Cell Lines Using Chaperone Co-Expression and Baculovirus Genome Modifications
Dominic EspositoDominic Esposito, PhD, Director, Protein Sciences, Frederick National Laboratory

PANEL DISCUSSION: Protein Production Lab Challenges: Methodologies, Strategies, and the Art of Managing Multiple Projects
Richard AltmanModerator: Richard Altman, MS, Field Application Scientist, Life Science Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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