Expression Stream


Maximizing Quantity and Quality while Minimizing Time and Cost 

The growing demand for recombinant proteins requires simultaneous strategic development, application, and adoption of technologies for the efficient expression and production of these valuable biomolecules.   The Expression Stream begins with "Difficult-to-Express Proteins” What makes a protein difficult to produce? is followed by “Optimizing Protein Expression” What is the best expression system for producing your protein of choice?  and concludes with “Maximizing Protein Production Workflows” What are your throughput goals?   These strategic back-to-back meetings investigate the newest data, innovations, and strategies to make the expression of therapeutic proteins more efficient, effective and trouble-free. 


Conferences Include:

May 2-3

Difficult-to-Express Proteins

May 3-4

Optimizing Protein Expression

May 5-6

Maximizing Protein Production Workflows