Immunogenicity Assessment and Management


Ensuring the Safety and Efficacy of Biologics 

This year's Immunogenicity Stream focuses on the latest science, technologies and strategies to ensure the safety and efficacy of biologics, with particular focus on novel modalities including cell & gene therapies, bispecifics, multi-specifics, immunotherapies and ADCs. The Immunogenicity Assessment and Management conference presents case studies on assay development and validation, clinical relevance, drug and target interference, risk assessment and recent advances with predictive studies and tools. The conference is preceded by an in-depth introduction to immunogenicity training seminar and followed by an introduction to bioassay design and analysis.  


Conferences and Training Seminars Include:

May 2-3

Agenda 7TS7A: Introduction to Immunogenicity

May 3-4

Agenda 7Immunogenicity Assessment and Management

May 5-6

Agenda 7TS7C: Introduction to Bioassay Design, Development, Analysis, Validation, and Monitoring

Keynote Presentations:

Optimizing Patient Outcome with Prevention and Mitigation Strategies for Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Proteins
Rosenberg_AmyAmy Rosenberg, MD, Senior Director of Immunology and Protein Therapeutics, Epivax