Immunotherapy Stream


Developing Novel, Supercharged Immunotherapies for Cancer and Immune Disorders 
The Immunotherapy Stream highlights the most exciting technologies, tools and engineering strategies driving the development of cellular and non-cellular immunotherapies for cancer and immune disorders. Part One examines recent breakthroughs to improve immunotherapy efficacy and safety across a range of modalities; Part Two focuses on the latest innovations and efforts to supercharge CAR T therapies in liquid and solid tumors; with Part Three focusing on the next generation of cell-based immunotherapies, such as NKs, iNKTs, B Cells, CAR Ms; editing CAR Ts in vivo, screening for novel T cells, all supported by in-depth case studies, new data, novel engineering approaches and unrivaled networking opportunities.


Conferences Include:

May 2-3

Improving Immunotherapy Efficacy and Safety

May 3-4

Cell-Based Immunotherapies

May 5-6

Next-Generation Immunotherapies

Keynote and Featured Presentations:

Current Challenges in Immunotherapy
Laszlo G. RadvanyiLaszlo G. Radvanyi, PhD, President & Scientific Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Engineering the Next-Generation of CAR T Therapies
Michel SadelainMichel Sadelain, PhD, Stephen & Barbara Friedman Chair & Director, Centre for Cell Engineering, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

First-in-Human Clinical Study Evaluating GD2-CAR NKTs Co-Expressing IL15 in Patients with Neuroblastoma
Andras A. HeczeyAndras A. Heczey, MD, Assistant Professor & Director, Pediatrics & Oncology, Texas Children's Hospital