Immunotherapy Stream


Engineering Smarter Immunotherapies to Fight Cancer and Immune Disorders

The Immunotherapy Stream at PEGS Boston explores the most exciting engineering strategies driving immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune disorders. Part One examines recent breakthroughs in understating and augmenting the immune system, solid tumors, targeting, and cancer vaccines; Part Two focuses on supercharging CAR T therapies and other cellular immunotherapies against solid tumors and autoimmune disorders; with Part Three tackling next-generation approaches such as in vivo engineering of therapeutic cells, and targeting payload delivery. All tracks feature brand-new data and unrivaled access to industry and academic leaders.

Conferences Include:

May 13-14

Advances in Immunotherapy

May 14-15

Cell-Based Immunotherapy

May 16-17

In vivo Cell and Gene Engineering

Keynote Speakers Include:

Non-Coding RNA Expression in Extracellular Vesicles and Chronic Inflammation in Cancer
Laszlo G. RadvanyiLaszlo G. Radvanyi, PhD, President & Scientific Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Utilizing Insights from Signaling Biology to Redesign CAR T Cells
Robbie G. MajznerRobbie G. Majzner, MD, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Towards in vivo Engineering of the Immune System
Adrian BotAdrian Bot, MD, PhD, CSO, Executive Vice President, R&D, Capstan Therapeutics

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