Immunotherapy Stream


Supercharging Immunotherapies for Cancer and Immune Disorders

The Immunotherapy Stream at PEGS BOSTON highlights the most exciting technologies, modalities, and engineering strategies driving cellular and non-cellular immunotherapies for cancer and immune disorders. Part One examines recent breakthroughs in immunotherapy efficacy and safety, across a range of modalities; Part Two focuses on supercharging CAR T therapies and other cell immunotherapies against liquid and solid tumors; with Part Three focusing on the next generation of smarter, more targeted immunotherapies for reprogramming the immune system. All tracks feature brand new data, exciting, inspiring science, and unrivaled networking opportunities with both industry and academic leaders.


Conferences Include:

May 15-16

Improving Immunotherapy Efficacy and Safety

May 16-17

Cell-Based Immunotherapies

May 18-19

Next-Generation Immunotherapies