Oncology Stream

New Strategies for Targeting Solid Tumors and the Tumor Microenvironment

One of the biggest challenges for cancer therapeutics, is the targeting of solid tumors. Poor tumor tissue penetration and the heterogeneous distribution have limited the clinical efficacy of therapeutic antibodies. Striking advances in bispecific/multispecific antibodies, T cell engagers and antibody-drug conjugates are now leading the way in oncology discovery, with new strategies to target solid tumors and the tumor microenvironment. This year’s PEGS Boston will present the latest and hottest in antibody-based therapies for cancer, highlight the emerging and new-again targets, as well as showcase the exciting resurgence of antibody-drug conjugates as a hot therapeutic modality. Together, the 3 conferences in this stream will present a comprehensive look at strategies driving toward clinical success.

Conferences Include:

May 15-16

Antibodies for Cancer Therapy

May 16-17

Emerging Targets for Oncology and Beyond

May 18-19

Driving Clinical Success in Antibody Drug Conjugates