Bioconjugates Stream

Ushering in a New Wave of Antibody-Drug Conjugates Therapy

The field of ADCs has experienced its fair share of ups-and-downs on the road to clinic and regulatory approvals. At the end of last year, we saw the accelerated approval of Padcev(TM), with several other promising ADCs making their way to regulatory approvals in the coming year. To highlight the dynamic landscape, CHI’s Bioconjugates Stream will bring together the movers and shakers to our 2-part Antibody-Drug Conjugates program:

Part 1: Engineering Antibody-Drug Conjugates invites scientists to discuss novel design strategies to engineer the right ADC combinations, using novel payloads, alternative antibody effector platforms, and/or creative linker/conjugation technologies.

Part 2: Clinical Progress of Antibody-Drug Conjugates invites investigators to share their latest results from preclinical to clinical trials, lessons learned from past ADC programs and related fields to inform next-gen ADC design, and to develop better predictability for translation from bench to clinic.

Conferences Include:

September 2-3

Engineering Antibody-Drug Conjugates

September 3-4

Clinical Progress of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Keynote Speakers Include:

Rakesh Dixit, DAPT PhD, President & CEO, Bionavigen

Greg Thurber, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

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