The PEGS Summit team proudly honors women in science.

PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit is launching its inaugural Women in Science program to celebrate the women changing the landscape of healthcare and biotech, while also creating a forum where they can bring thought-provoking questions, hear inspiring stories, get practical advice, and network with other women in their field.

Join us for the Women in Science Panel Discussion on Wednesday, April 10 at 7:15 am. The panel will feature Presidential Scientific Fellow, Dr. Susan Richards, AdaptImmune’s Vice President of Platform Technologies, Dr. Joanna Brewer, Alligator Bioscience’s CMO, Dr. Charlotte Russell, and Pfenex’s Senior Director of Business Development, Kristi Sarno. The moderator will be Dr. Jennifer Chadwick, Director of Biological Development at BioAnalytix and Co-Chair of the Women in Bio Boston Chapter.

After the panel, continue the discussion during a speed networking event in the exhibit hall.

Wednesday, April 10 | 7:25 am - 8:25
Waterfront 1&2

PANEL DISCUSSION: Women in Science – Inspired Professional and Personal Stories (Continental breakfast provided)

Ask your questions to the panelists on www.slido.com with event code #PEGSWIS




Jennifer S. Chadwick, PhD, Director of Biologic Development, BioAnalytix, Inc.; Co-Chair, Mentors Advisors and Peers Program, Women in Bio, Boston Chapter


Joanna Brewer

Joanna Brewer, PhD, Vice President, Platform Technologies, AdaptImmune

Charlotte A. Russell

Charlotte A. Russell, MD, DMSc, CMO, Alligator Bioscience

Susan Richards

Susan Richards, PhD, Presidential Scientific Fellow, Translational Medicine Early Development, Sanofi R&D

Kristi Sarno

Kristi Sarno, Senior Director Business Development, Pfenex

Wednesday, April 10 | 10:15 am - 10:45

Women in Science Speed Networking

For more information, contact:

Emily Le, PhD
T: 781.247.1812
E: ele@healthtech.com

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